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Scene 1

• Tom comes to Will's office.

• Will talks to Tom about always wanting the biggest and the best of everything.

• Will talks about his son's suicide with Tom.
• Will receives a call from a friend of his son's.

• Will tells his secretary to tell the young man that he isn't in.

• Tom talks with Will about the hard times the company is having.
• Ted fires Will.

• Will discovers Tom will take over his job.
• Will cancels his order for a new car.

Scene 2

• Lily Dale and Pete join Will in the living room.

• Lily Dale discusses Eleanor Roosevelt's involvement in "Disappointment Clubs."

• Lily Dale talks about what good care Will takes of her.
• Lily Dale talks about how she misses Bill and hasn't composed since he died.

• Before leaving for bed Will asks Lily Dale if that young man from Atlanta has called anymore.

• Lily Dale says no...

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