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Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion did Maclean believe was the last one felt by those still living when young people have died?

2. Where did Maclean finally locate Walter Rumsey?

3. What time was recorded on the watch found near the bodies?

4. What observation did Jansson and the doctor at the scene make about the final steps of the men who died on the hill?

5. Who did Maclean watch play billiards nearly every day when he was a young teacher?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Maclean began his comparison of the Smokejumpers' run to the top of the ridge to a race run on a track, how did he compare the race run by the Smokejumpers and that of the athlete on a track?

2. How did the author describe the final moments of the men's lives before the fire overtook them? What elements of nature were prominent in their lives just before their deaths? How did they actually die?

3. To what did the author compare the cloud of smoke atop the Mann Gulch fire when the blowup rose out of the gulch?

4. What two emotions governed the analysis of the tragedy at Mann Gulch? How did Maclean describe the first emotion among the men in Mann Gulch?

5. How did Dr. Hawkins describe the death process the Smokejumpers underwent in the final moments of their lives? To what did Maclean compare their suffering?

6. Who was Henry Thol, Sr.? What was his role in the Mann Gulch fire?

7. Whom did Maclean find at the Hoerner Waldorf-Champion paper mill? What information did this person give Maclean to move him along in his search for Sallee and Rumsey?

8. What were Sallee and Rumsey arguing about as Maclean approached them on the ridge? What did they agree on?

9. Who is the firsthand source of information Maclean and his investigative partner Laird Robinson set out to find before they did anything else? Why? Who were they looking for?

10. What object do Sallee and Rumsey discover at the site of a fallen comrade? Why was this discovery important?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the final chapter, Maclean used a series of metaphors to describe the Mann Gulch fire. What are those metaphors? Why are they successful or unsuccessful in the telling of the story?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout his story, Maclean used religious symbolism, metaphors, and beliefs to write about the fire. Discuss the influence of religion in Maclean's telling of the Mann Gulch fire.

Essay Topic 3

Maclean and Laird Richardson developed three main questions for which they would seek answers during their study of the Mann Gulch fire. What were those three questions, and did the two men find the answers? If so, what were the answers they found?

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