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Short Answer Questions

1. What time was recorded on the watch found near the bodies?

2. What does Maclean consider a natural reaction near the end of a fire story?

3. How did Maclean compare the death of his wife and the death of the Smokejumpers?

4. To what does a woodsman look for both the questions and their answers?

5. What is a gofer match?

Short Essay Questions

1. When did Maclean begin research on the Mann Gulch fire? What where his first steps?

2. What did the gulch look like forty years after the fire? Was there any living vegetation?

3. To what did the author compare the cloud of smoke atop the Mann Gulch fire when the blowup rose out of the gulch?

4. How did the Forest Service receive Maclean when he began searching for the documentation on the Mann Gulch fire? Why?

5. Who is the firsthand source of information Maclean and his investigative partner Laird Robinson set out to find before they did anything else? Why? Who were they looking for?

6. What two emotions governed the analysis of the tragedy at Mann Gulch? How did Maclean describe the first emotion among the men in Mann Gulch?

7. What were Sallee and Rumsey arguing about as Maclean approached them on the ridge? What did they agree on?

8. How did the author describe the final moments of the men's lives before the fire overtook them? What elements of nature were prominent in their lives just before their deaths? How did they actually die?

9. When Maclean and his group began their trek to Mann Gulch, how did Maclean respond to those who were concerned about his heart being strong enough to make it to the site of the fire?

10. How did the perspective shift as the author continued his discussion of the fire from looking at the mushroom cloud in the sky? What did he hope to learn by changing perspective?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are certain attributes and personalities that are typical of a Forest Service Smokejumper. Who is the typical Smokejumper? Write a detailed profile of a Smokejumper and include as much information as possible.

Essay Topic 2

Maclean speaks throughout his book about the importance of studying and understanding the Mann Gulch fire of 1949. Discuss why Maclean believes it is important to understand this disaster completely.

Essay Topic 3

Dodge, Sallee, and Rumsey survived the Mann Gulch fire in different ways. Discuss each man's survival method. How did each of them make it out of the fire?

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