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Short Answer Questions

1. What is a Pulaski?

2. Where did the fire starters light the forest fire in Fish Creek?

3. What did Jansson send up to the survivors of the Mann Gulch fire?

4. What did the author feel while he was running away from the Fish Creek fire?

5. What was Frank Derry wearing on one infamous jump?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were the grasses so high on the north side at the time of the fire? What implications did this have for the Mann Gulch fire?

2. What did the ghost finally ask the author? What happened when the author answered the question? How did he react?

3. When was the fire at Mann Gulch? Where was the author at the time of the fire? When the author arrived in the small town at Seely Lake, how did he learn of the fire at Mann Gulch? What did he learn about the death of the smokejumpers who were sent to fight the fire?

4. What did the author learn about the Mann Gulch fire smokejumpers? How did this affect him? Why was the author so interested in the news of the Mann Gulch fire?

5. What is a crown fire? How does it become ignited? What does it sound like in the forest? What elements are necessary to create a crown fire?

6. What are the roles of the foreman and the second-in-command in a jump team of firefighters? What is each man responsible for during the approach to the fire?

7. What did the author know about the Mann Gulch fire based on his experience with fires as a young man?

8. What did the author know about hiking boots? Why were they important? What kind of boots was he wearing the day of the Fish Creek fire? Why?

9. As the author was running up the hillside away from the creek, where was the fire? What choices did he have for escape? What happened when he was half way up the hillside?

10. What did the Fish Creek fire look like as it jumped the trail? What choices did the author have the moment he decided to stand in front of the fire to try to put it out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dodge, Sallee, and Rumsey survived the Mann Gulch fire in different ways. Discuss each man's survival method. How did each of them make it out of the fire?

Essay Topic 2

The escape fire Wag Dodge set on the ridge was an important part of the story of the fire. Equally, his fire was a controversial part of the story. Discuss the escape fire, why it was set, the theory behind how it worked, and why it was controversial.

Essay Topic 3

In the final chapter, Maclean used a series of metaphors to describe the Mann Gulch fire. What are those metaphors? Why are they successful or unsuccessful in the telling of the story?

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