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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the natural components of a blowup?

2. Who did the author believe started the forest fire at Fish Creek?

3. How many men fought the Mann Gulch fire?

4. What did Rumsey fall into that caused him to stop running when he jumped from the crevice?

5. Where was the headquarters for Region One of the Forest Service?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Harry T. Gisborne? What was his contribution to the history of firefighting, and understanding the Mann Gulch fire in particular?

2. How did the firefighters at the Forest Service think the fire would spread? Why did they think the fire starters had the same idea?

3. Why did Dodge, Sallee, and Rumsey escape death from the fire, and the other men, including Hellman and Diettert, did not?

4. What is a crown fire? How does it become ignited? What does it sound like in the forest? What elements are necessary to create a crown fire?

5. Why did the author finally decide he needed to see the Mann Gulch fire the summer he was staying in his cabin at Seely Lake?

6. What did the ghost finally ask the author? What happened when the author answered the question? How did he react?

7. What was the profile of a smokejumper in the 1940s?

8. When was the fire at Mann Gulch? Where was the author at the time of the fire? When the author arrived in the small town at Seely Lake, how did he learn of the fire at Mann Gulch? What did he learn about the death of the smokejumpers who were sent to fight the fire?

9. As the author was running up the hillside away from the creek, where was the fire? What choices did he have for escape? What happened when he was half way up the hillside?

10. Who invented the first parachutes? What were parachutes and their cords made of then? What material were they made of in 1949 when the Smokejumpers landed on Mann Gulch? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Richard Rothermel constructed a graph to elucidate the tragedy of the fire at Mann Gulch. What did this graph show Maclean and Laird about the fire and the escape route the Smokejumpers had taken? According to Rothermel, what specific influences were in play the day of the fire? What specific gap in Smokejumper training did Maclean note due to Rothermel's graph?

Essay Topic 2

How did the Standard Fire Fighting Orders written in 1957 come to be written? On whose general orders was the fire fighting orders based? How did this happen?

Essay Topic 3

Maclean discussed different types of fires in his story and explains that these different fires converged at Mann Gulch. How did Maclean explain the Mann Gulch fire in terms of types of fires? Why is it important to the credibility of the story to understand different types of fires?

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