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Short Answer Questions

1. How many feet does a Smokejumper fall before his parachute opens?

2. What is the cause of 75% of forest fires?

3. What did the first Smokejumpers call the fires into which they jumped?

4. What did Harry Gisborne witness in 1929?

5. What did the Fish Creek fire sound like as the author looked for an escape?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the two causes of fires? What caused the Mann Gulch fire? Where did the fire start? How?

2. Why were the grasses so high on the north side at the time of the fire? What implications did this have for the Mann Gulch fire?

3. To what did Maclean compare the smokejumper's jump from the plane? Why?

4. Who was Robert Jansson? What was his part in the Mann Gulch fire?

5. What did the author know about hiking boots? Why were they important? What kind of boots was he wearing the day of the Fish Creek fire? Why?

6. As the author was running up the hillside away from the creek, where was the fire? What choices did he have for escape? What happened when he was half way up the hillside?

7. What is the Story of the Three Winds?

8. What did the author learn about the Mann Gulch fire smokejumpers? How did this affect him? Why was the author so interested in the news of the Mann Gulch fire?

9. What did the Fish Creek fire look like as it jumped the trail? What choices did the author have the moment he decided to stand in front of the fire to try to put it out?

10. How do firefighters routinely contain small forest fires?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the escape fire set by Wag Dodge. Where was the fire located? Why did Dodge light his fire? Upon what information did he base his decision to light the fire? Why was it controversial? What has Dodge's fire contributed to modern firefighting? What are some of the theories concerning the escape fire causing the death of the Smokejumpers?

Essay Topic 2

Maclean says at the end of his story he wrote his fire report "so I could accompany young men whose lives I might have lived on their way to death. I have climbed where they climbed, and in my time I have fought fire and inquired into its nature." Discuss this quote.

Essay Topic 3

Maclean and Laird Richardson developed three main questions for which they would seek answers during their study of the Mann Gulch fire. What were those three questions, and did the two men find the answers? If so, what were the answers they found?

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