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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Gisborne want to do on Mann Gulch?

2. Who were the three men who ran toward the ridge together to escape the fire?

3. Where did Gisborne die?

4. Where had the author's boots come from?

5. Where did the Fish Creek fire actually burn?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the Fish Creek fire look like as it jumped the trail? What choices did the author have the moment he decided to stand in front of the fire to try to put it out?

2. Where was the big fire the author had fought when he was in the Forest Service? How did the people living in the area support themselves and their families?

3. Who invented the first parachutes? What were parachutes and their cords made of then? What material were they made of in 1949 when the Smokejumpers landed on Mann Gulch? Why?

4. When the author returned to the spot in which he had stood when the fire jumped the trail, what did he realize about himself? What did he realize about the fire?

5. As the author was running up the hillside away from the creek, where was the fire? What choices did he have for escape? What happened when he was half way up the hillside?

6. Where was the author when the fire spread to the side hill trail, the firefighters' second line of defense? What important decision did he make right as he saw the fire jump from one side of the trail to the other?

7. What did the author know about the Mann Gulch fire based on his experience with fires as a young man?

8. What were the topographical differences in the north and the south sides of the mountains separated by Mann Gulch? What did these conditions have to do with the fire?

9. How do firefighters routinely contain small forest fires?

10. Why did Dodge set a fire in front of the fire raging toward himself and his men on Mann Gulch? What was he trying to accomplish? Why did his men not follow his orders?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did the Standard Fire Fighting Orders written in 1957 come to be written? On whose general orders was the fire fighting orders based? How did this happen?

Essay Topic 2

When speaking about the young men who were Smokejumpers in the 1940s, Maclean explains that these men wanted to make it clear "to themselves and to the universe that they love the universe but are not intimidated by it and will not be shaken by it, no matter what it has in store." Discuss this quote in light of the profile of a typical smokejumper, and the specific Smokejumpers who landed in Mann Gulch into the fire.

Essay Topic 3

In the final chapter, Maclean used a series of metaphors to describe the Mann Gulch fire. What are those metaphors? Why are they successful or unsuccessful in the telling of the story?

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