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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the spotter on the C-47 that dropped Smokejumpers into Mann Gulch?
(a) Earl Cooley.
(b) Fred Stillings.
(c) Wag Dodge.
(d) John Thol.

2. What happened when the fire hit the water's edge?
(a) It sped up but went backwards.
(b) It stalled, allowing the firefighters to extinguish it.
(c) It slowed down and lost power.
(d) It jumped to the brush on the other side.

3. What is a "fire whirl?"
(a) A small, easily extinguished fire.
(b) A fire in a wind pattern that puts itself out.
(c) A tornado-like fire that starts other fires by its motion.
(d) A space in a fire where there is room to breathe.

4. What did the author do during the Mann Gulch fire when he remembered his experience at the Fish Creek fire?
(a) Drove home to Seely Lake.
(b) Drove out to the fire to talk with the firefighters.
(c) Drove to pick up his brother-in-law to go see the fire.
(d) Drove back into town and bought goggles.

5. What important accomplishment did Louis-Sebastien Lenormand achieve in 1783?
(a) He designed the first balloon parachute.
(b) He created a parachute made of cotton.
(c) He invented the modern parachute.
(d) He successfully parachuted off a tower.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would have happened had the author stepped across the fire immediately when it jumped the trail?

2. Where did Sallee and Rumsey run to get out of the fire's path?

3. Why are parachutes made of nylon instead of silk?

4. What was the severely burned deer doing as the author watched?

5. Where did both Sylvia and Hellman die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the ghost finally ask the author? What happened when the author answered the question? How did he react?

2. Why were the grasses so high on the north side at the time of the fire? What implications did this have for the Mann Gulch fire?

3. Why did Dodge set a fire in front of the fire raging toward himself and his men on Mann Gulch? What was he trying to accomplish? Why did his men not follow his orders?

4. Where was the big fire the author had fought when he was in the Forest Service? How did the people living in the area support themselves and their families?

5. To what did Maclean compare the smokejumper's jump from the plane? Why?

6. Why did the author finally decide he needed to see the Mann Gulch fire the summer he was staying in his cabin at Seely Lake?

7. What were the topographical differences in the north and the south sides of the mountains separated by Mann Gulch? What did these conditions have to do with the fire?

8. What is a crown fire? How does it become ignited? What does it sound like in the forest? What elements are necessary to create a crown fire?

9. When the author returned to the spot in which he had stood when the fire jumped the trail, what did he realize about himself? What did he realize about the fire?

10. How do firefighters routinely contain small forest fires?

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