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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mike Mansfield accomplish for the families of the fallen Smokejumpers?
(a) He tried to delay the Mann Gulch Report.
(b) He appointed a special advisor to assess the situation.
(c) He added funds to the Forest Service.
(d) He raised the burial allowance from $200 to $400 dollars.

2. What did the author do during the Mann Gulch fire when he remembered his experience at the Fish Creek fire?
(a) Drove out to the fire to talk with the firefighters.
(b) Drove to pick up his brother-in-law to go see the fire.
(c) Drove home to Seely Lake.
(d) Drove back into town and bought goggles.

3. Who was Mrs. Brown?
(a) The telephone operator.
(b) The wife of the owner of the lodge.
(c) The postmistress.
(d) The owner of the lodge.

4. What was the one thought the Smokejumpers shared as they ran from the fire?
(a) To find Sallee and Rumsey.
(b) To find a way back to their foreman.
(c) To find some place cool.
(d) To find some water.

5. What quality of Dodge's led to his escape from death by the fire?
(a) His ability to remain calm.
(b) His ability to use tools.
(c) His ability to run.
(d) His ability to follow the smoke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Harry Gisborne witness in 1929?

2. Who did the author first think the voice he heard in the fire belonged to?

3. What did Rumsey fall into that caused him to stop running when he jumped from the crevice?

4. Where did both Sylvia and Hellman die?

5. How did the additional firefighters needed in Mann Gulch get there?

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