Young Men & Fire Fun Activities

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Create a brochure for the Gates to the Mountains area of Montana. Include as much topographical and historical information on the area as you can. Identify the different landmarks in the area.

Tee Shirts

Design and create a tee shirt for the Smokejumpers today.


Research the C-47 airplane. On poster board, create a display of the airplane, its history, and features. Include as much detail as you can, including photos and technical information.

Smokejumping Today

Contact the U.S. Forest Service and express interest in the Smokejumpers. Find out what qualifications the Forest Service has for Smokejumpers today. Where are Smokejumpers based today? What are the requirements to join? What is the schedule and pay?

Tour Guide

Write a script for the Forest Ranger who leads the guided tours of Mann Gulch. What information can you include in his talk about both the topography and the...

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