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Essay Topic 1

When speaking about the young men who were Smokejumpers in the 1940s, Maclean explains that these men wanted to make it clear "to themselves and to the universe that they love the universe but are not intimidated by it and will not be shaken by it, no matter what it has in store." Discuss this quote in light of the profile of a typical smokejumper, and the specific Smokejumpers who landed in Mann Gulch into the fire.

Essay Topic 2

Maclean speaks throughout his book about the importance of studying and understanding the Mann Gulch fire of 1949. Discuss why Maclean believes it is important to understand this disaster completely.

Essay Topic 3

Who was Frank Derry? For what comic stunt is he known? What were some of his contributions to fire fighting?

Essay Topic 4

What is The Story of the Three Winds? Whose theory is this? What does...

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