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Chapters 1-2

• Maclean was at his cabin in Seely Lake, Montana when the Mann Gulch fire was burning.

• From the local postmistress, Maclean learned that thirteen smokejumpers had died in the fire.

• Maclean felt driven to go and look at the fire himself.

• He recalled his experience working for the Forest Service when he was fifteen.

• There was a fire at Fish Creek during his time with the Forest Service.
• The commonly held belief was that homesteaders started the fire at Fish Creek.

• The homesteaders were upset because the Forest Service had issued a permit allowing sheep to graze the land.

• There is nothing left for deer to eat after the sheep graze, and the deer population decreases.

• Hunting deer is the major industry of the small community, and they believed their livelihood was being threatened.

• The fire spread quickly, and what was supposed to only burn upstream...

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