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Chanting Worship

Have the students create a chant or song they would have included with the strange gathering in the forest.

Returned Broom

Have the students write about what they think Goody Cloyse should have done to get her broom back after it was stolen.

Devilish Heritage

Brown finds out that many of the men in his family were involved with the devil in one way or another. Have the students write about how they think their forefathers were influenced in one way or the other by the Devil.

Artistic Images

Hawthorne had an interesting idea of how the Devil appears to humans. Have the students create an image that shows their idea of the appearance of the Devil.

Puritan Ideals

The Puritan Religion is very central to this story. Bring to class some information about the Purtian religion including what they believe and how they lived.

Moral of the Story

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