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Short Answer Questions

1. How is the apartment as Alice and Tony return from their date?

2. The curtain goes down temporarily and rises on what scene?

3. Why does Alice assume Tony will not be able to accept her family?

4. Who passes Mr. Henderson in the hall?

5. What genre of play is "You Can't Take It With You?"

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Tony beginning to act more like the Sycamore family? Why?

2. Would Tony's family be so accepting of Alice? Why or why not?

3. Describe Rheba and her actions in this scene. Why do the playwrights say she is African American? Could someone who is not African American play this role?

4. What does Grandpa do right before dinner? Why does he say this? What might this foreshadow?

5. What is realized about both families? How might this affect Alice and Tony's relationship?

6. Why is the Grand Duchess at the Sycamore's home? How can the audience members relate to this?

7. What does Penny comment about Alice? Why? Why might Alice be attracted to this type of man?

8. Who is Ed Carmichael? Why are he and Essie a perfect match?

9. How does Grandpa relieve Mr. Kirby's fears? How does this also relieve the tension between the two families.

10. Is Tony able to change Alice's mind? To what does Alice agree? Why does she change her mind?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tony's parents are significant characters. Part 1) What do they represent? How can the audience member and reader relate to them? Part 2) Compare and contrast them to the Vanderhof/Sycamore family. Part 3) How do the Kirbys change throughout the play? Why? Part 4) How do you feel about this change in them? Why do you feel this way?

Essay Topic 2

Mr. Henderson is an unexpected guest to the home. Part 1) Who is he? Why is he there? Part 2) How does Grandpa react to Mr. Henderson's arrival? What is the outcome of this situation? Part 3) How can both audiences of 1936 and audiences of today relate to this encounter? Would many agree or disagree with Grandpa? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Mr. Kolenkhov brings a guest. Part 1) Who is the guest and why has he brought her? Part 2) Why does the author include this character in the play? Part 3) Based on this character, what must life have been like for immigrants during the 1930s?

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