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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is special about tomorrow night's dinner?
(a) Rheba is making Alice's favorite meal.
(b) Tony and his parents have been invited.
(c) Gay Wellington will be performing for them at dinner.
(d) Essie will be dancing for them after dinner.

2. What does the family have for the guest(s)?
(a) Nothing available to serve the Kirbys on such short notice.
(b) A trivia game.
(c) New menus with many entrees from which to choose.
(d) A beautifully cooked meal.

3. Who has come to find Tony?
(a) The agency men.
(b) Mr. Henderson.
(c) Mr. Kirby.
(d) Alice.

4. What does Ed need to do?
(a) Help with the painting project.
(b) Work on fireworks.
(c) Make dinner.
(d) Make his candy deliveries.

5. To what does the family agree?
(a) To act naturally.
(b) Go out to dinner, so Alice and Tony may have a quiet dinner with his parents, alone.
(c) To put on a performance for Tony's parents.
(d) Behave in the company of Tony's parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Grandpa's philosophizing, what does Mr. Kirby decide to do?

2. Why does this surprise turn of events occur?

3. How does Alice feel about last night's events?

4. How does Mr. Kirby feel about Grandpa's philosophizing?

5. What is believed about Ed's candy sales?

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