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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Alice and Tony Kirby going?
(a) To the symphony.
(b) Out to dinner.
(c) Out to a movie.
(d) To an art show.

2. Who does Grandpa not know?
(a) That Penny has left.
(b) Essie has hired a ballet instructor.
(c) Any of the graduates.
(d) Alice is in love with Tony.

3. What is Ironic about Alice's refusal?
(a) She will meet her future husband at work.
(b) Her family is so understanding and loving.
(c) Tony will be the love of her life, if she would only go on a date with him.
(d) She initially refuses Tony's proposal on the grounds that her own family will not be accepted in Tony's world.

4. How does the couple act?
(a) Argumentative.
(b) Tired.
(c) Tenderly romantic.
(d) Annoyed.

5. Why is Mr. Henderson at the house?
(a) He is Alice's date.
(b) He is coming for dinner.
(c) He has come to speak to Grandpa.
(d) He has some of the Sycamore's mail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why must the two part for the evening?

2. From where do Paul Sycamore and Mr. DePinna emerge?

3. What does Grandpa enjoy doing?

4. From what type of family does Alice come?

5. Who is the patriarch of this zany family?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mr. Henderson appear? How might the audience react to the arrival of this character?

2. Why is the Grand Duchess at the Sycamore's home? How can the audience members relate to this?

3. What does this scenario about Alice's love for her unique family mirror?

4. What is realized about both families? How might this affect Alice and Tony's relationship?

5. What is known about Tony? What does Alice ask of her family, regarding Tony? Why does she ask this of them?

6. What does Rheba recall? How does this information satisfy the audience?

7. Who is Ed Carmichael? Why are he and Essie a perfect match?

8. What are Paul and Grandpa doing in this scene? How is this activity different from what has been displayed in past scenes?

9. What do these strangers uncover? To what does this lead?

10. How might Alice feel after she and Tony part for the night?

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