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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What might be some of the unusual noises heard throughout the apartment?
(a) The construction of fireworks.
(b) Creaking of the old house.
(c) Ghosts.
(d) A party in the basement.

2. What occurs in the basement?
(a) A flood.
(b) A celebration.
(c) An earthquake.
(d) An explosion.

3. Why must the two part for the evening?
(a) Alice's family does not like Tony.
(b) They have broken up.
(c) They are in an argument.
(d) It is late.

4. What does Tony remind Alice?
(a) They do not have to live near her family.
(b) His family is even more odd.
(c) They will be building their own lives away from their families.
(d) Every couple has challenges with family dynamics.

5. Who is the most aimless of the household and periodically plays notes on the xylophone so that Essie can dance?
(a) Essie Carmichael.
(b) Ed Carmichael.
(c) Grandpa.
(d) Alice Sycamore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does this person show Alice?

2. Why does Alice wonder if a visitor has arrived?

3. What does Alice ask her family to do?

4. Why does Alice love Tony?

5. How is Alice compared to the rest of her family?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the family respond to this crisis? How does this prolong the hilarity of this scene for the audience?

2. Why does Mr. Henderson appear? How might the audience react to the arrival of this character?

3. How does Grandpa challenge Mr. Henderson? How does Mr. Henderson handle this? With whom is the audience more likely to side, Grandpa or Mr. Henderson? Why?

4. Does Tony decide to stay or go? Why?

5. How does Mrs. Kirby react to this strange family? How does her behavior make Alice's fears become realized?

6. About what is "You Can't Take It With You?"

7. What happens before Tony and Alice part? What does this show about their relationship?

8. Why is Ed feeling uncertain about his work? What might this foreshadow?

9. Why is the Grand Duchess at the Sycamore's home? How can the audience members relate to this?

10. How does Mr. Kirby respond to Grandpa's philosophy? How do the Kirbys and Sycamores begin to become one cohesive family?

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