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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is this person's name?
(a) Penny.
(b) Grandpa Vanderhof.
(c) Paul.
(d) Essie.

2. How does Tony feel about Alice's family?
(a) He is annoyed by them.
(b) He loves them.
(c) He is unsure how he feels about them.
(d) He worries about their mental health.

3. From what type of family does Alice come?
(a) One that accepts anyone, regardless of nationality or profession.
(b) One that is similar to the Kirbys.
(c) One that is fairly typical.
(d) One that is not accepting of others.

4. Why does Alice tell Tony she cannot marry him?
(a) She is already married.
(b) Her family does not approve of him.
(c) He can never understand her family.
(d) She no longer loves him.

5. Why is Mr. Henderson at the house?
(a) He is Alice's date.
(b) He has come to speak to Grandpa.
(c) He is coming for dinner.
(d) He has some of the Sycamore's mail.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alice agree to do?

2. What takes place at Columbia University?

3. What does this person show Alice?

4. What has Grandpa never done?

5. Where do Alice and Tony go on a date?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mr. Kirby respond to Grandpa's philosophy? How do the Kirbys and Sycamores begin to become one cohesive family?

2. What unexpected event takes place? How does all the activity prior to this event add to the shock and humor of this event?

3. How does Essie respond to Ed's uncertainty? What does this say about Essie's character?

4. What happens before Tony and Alice part? What does this show about their relationship?

5. How does Mrs. Kirby react to this strange family? How does her behavior make Alice's fears become realized?

6. What does Grandpa do right before dinner? Why does he say this? What might this foreshadow?

7. How does Grandpa relieve Mr. Kirby's fears? How does this also relieve the tension between the two families.

8. How might Alice feel after she and Tony part for the night?

9. Would Tony's family be so accepting of Alice? Why or why not?

10. What is known about Tony? What does Alice ask of her family, regarding Tony? Why does she ask this of them?

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