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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else does Alice declare?
(a) The dance is fantastic.
(b) The book is beautiful.
(c) The painting is gorgeous.
(d) Everything is beautiful.

2. Why does Alice tell Tony she cannot marry him?
(a) Her family does not approve of him.
(b) He can never understand her family.
(c) She no longer loves him.
(d) She is already married.

3. Who has come for dinner with the Sycamore family?
(a) Tony Kirby.
(b) Mr. Henderson.
(c) The Kirbys.
(d) Mr. Kolenkhov.

4. How does Alice respond to Tony?
(a) She relents.
(b) She is even more ashamed of her family.
(c) She still does not want to marry him.
(d) She agrees to run away with him.

5. Why does Paul show Alice his new fireworks?
(a) He wants her to learn to make fireworks too.
(b) He wants to show off.
(c) He loves her and wants to include her in his hobby.
(d) He is trying to get her away from Tony.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Alice go?

2. What must Alice and Tony do?

3. Why does Donald arrive with flies?

4. What has Grandpa never done?

5. Why does Tony ask Alice to do this?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the family respond to this crisis? How does this prolong the hilarity of this scene for the audience?

2. Who is Essie Carmichael? What is she doing in this scene? How does she fit seamlessly into the Sycamore family?

3. What is ironic about Alice?

4. Why does Tony accept Alice's family?

5. Why does Alice relent?

6. What has this embarrassing incident done to Alice? How would you feel, if you were Alice?

7. How is Tony beginning to act more like the Sycamore family? Why?

8. How might Alice feel after she and Tony part for the night?

9. What might Tony's words "every couple has challenges with family dynamics" foreshadow?

10. What does Penny comment about Alice? Why? Why might Alice be attracted to this type of man?

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