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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the apartment as Alice and Tony return from their date?
(a) Everyone is moving about making noise.
(b) All is quiet.
(c) There are still odd noises heard.
(d) The family members are all talking at once.

2. Why does Alice love Tony?
(a) He is wealthy.
(b) He is handsome.
(c) He is a smooth talker.
(d) He accepts her family for who they are.

3. Why does Alice feel she has to refuse this?
(a) She wants a normal life.
(b) She and Tony will not last, if her family is not accepted by him and his family.
(c) Her family will miss her.
(d) She wants to be a wife and mother, not a career woman.

4. What does Tony's comment about family dynamics foreshadow?
(a) His lack of a family.
(b) The easiness in which his family operates.
(c) His harsh and difficult family.
(d) His loving, yet odd family.

5. From what type of family does Alice come?
(a) One that accepts anyone, regardless of nationality or profession.
(b) One that is similar to the Kirbys.
(c) One that is not accepting of others.
(d) One that is fairly typical.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the couple act?

2. Why does Ed ask Rheba about the dinner menu?

3. How does Alice feel about Tony?

4. Why does Alice relent?

5. Why does Alice assume Tony will not be able to accept her family?

Short Essay Questions

1. What have Paul Sycamore and Mr. DePinna been doing? Why is this odd?

2. What does Grandpa do right before dinner? Why does he say this? What might this foreshadow?

3. How are the characters introduced? Why might the playwright use this technique to present the personalities and quirkiness of these characters to the audience or reader?

4. How does Grandpa challenge Mr. Henderson? How does Mr. Henderson handle this? With whom is the audience more likely to side, Grandpa or Mr. Henderson? Why?

5. What does Alice say to Tony, regarding their relationship? Why does she say this? What assumptions is she making?

6. What are Paul and Grandpa doing in this scene? How is this activity different from what has been displayed in past scenes?

7. How is the household continuing as usual that evening? How are the characters even more strange than initially thought?

8. How does this scene open? How does this continue to reflect the Sycamore family's quirkiness?

9. Who is Essie Carmichael? What is she doing in this scene? How does she fit seamlessly into the Sycamore family?

10. How does the second act open? What new character does the audience meet? How does she add to the comedic aspect of the play?

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