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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as the Kirbys prepare to leave?
(a) Three men from the Justice Department arrive.
(b) Mrs. Kirby changes her mind and wants to stay.
(c) The house explodes.
(d) Mr. Kirby tells his wife they are no longer leaving.

2. Why does Penny initiate a word game?
(a) The Kirbys look bored.
(b) She loves word games.
(c) To ease the tension.
(d) She is bored.

3. What does the Grand Duchess Olga do for a living?
(a) She teaches ballet.
(b) She sings.
(c) She does nothing.
(d) She works as a waitress in a coffee shop.

4. What does Tony hope?
(a) The kirbys will forgive him for getting himself into trouble with the law.
(b) The Kirbys will allow the marriage to take place.
(c) The Kirbys will someday learn to love Alice.
(d) The Kirbys will realize what has been missing from their own lives.

5. How does Mr. Kirby react when Tony tells him he plans to leave the family firm?
(a) He is sad.
(b) He is angry.
(c) He is shocked.
(d) He is thrilled.

6. To what can this squelching lead?
(a) Understanding.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Empty goals.
(d) Success.

7. What does Grandpa do to help Mr. Kirby?
(a) He tells him that Tony will find a job somewhere.
(b) He gives Mr. Kirby a hug.
(c) He gives Mr. Kirby a sedative.
(d) He reminds the man of how he was at Tony's age.

8. What is Penny doing as the scene opens?
(a) Working on a script.
(b) Painting a self-portrait.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Talking to an actress.

9. What do Ed and Donald do?
(a) Hide in the basement.
(b) Begin to cry.
(c) Give the Kerbys enormous hugs.
(d) Run to the corner grocery to buy some suitable dinner items.

10. What is Alice's reaction to this mistake?
(a) Mortification.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Fear.
(d) Anger.

11. What do not provide long-term satisfaction?
(a) Government positions.
(b) Authority positions.
(c) Good jobs in firms.
(d) Empty goals.

12. What is Olga anxious to do?
(a) Dance.
(b) Practice her English.
(c) Sing.
(d) Eat.

13. How does Alice feel about last night's events?
(a) Angry.
(b) Happy.
(c) Refreshed.
(d) Completely destroyed.

14. What does Olga offer to do?
(a) Perform for the family.
(b) Make blintzes for the dinner.
(c) Give Essie lessons for free.
(d) Give ballet lessons to the entire family.

15. Why is the visit unexpected?
(a) She had forgotten her gin bottle in the living room.
(b) He was supposed to work late.
(c) Grandpa thought he had chased him away for good.
(d) They have come one night too early for their dinner invitation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mr. DePinna required to do?

2. What has Grand Duchess Olga done for the family?

3. Who has come to find Tony?

4. When had Penny begun this for Mr. DePinna?

5. Why is Ed hesitant to leave the apartment?

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