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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rheba recall?
(a) Mrs. Sycamore screaming for her life when they handcuffed her.
(b) Mrs. Kirby's mortification at being in the same cell with a strip-tease artist who sang as the dignified Mrs. Kirby disrobed in the jail.
(c) When she was first hired by the Sycamores.
(d) How the family had been asking for trouble for many years, and now it had finally come.

2. According to Grandpa, what should not be squelched?
(a) Youthful enthusiasm.
(b) Love of family.
(c) The need for wealth.
(d) The desire to work hard.

3. What is Grandpa doing, amid all the chaos in the room?
(a) He is taking a nap.
(b) He is putting together a puzzle.
(c) He is reading a book.
(d) He throws feather darts at a target.

4. What is Olga anxious to do?
(a) Sing.
(b) Practice her English.
(c) Eat.
(d) Dance.

5. What does the word game reveal?
(a) How happy Alice is to have the Kirbys at her home.
(b) The Kirbys' hidden emotions.
(c) The Kirby's excitement about being at the Sycamore's home.
(d) The Kirbys' happiness about Tony's engagement to Alice.

6. To what does Tony admit?
(a) Wishing he had never met the Sycamores or Alice.
(b) Setting off the fireworks in the basement.
(c) He never wanted to invite his family over to the Sycamore's home.
(d) Purposely having brought his parents to the Sycamore house on the wrong night for dinner.

7. What does Essie want Ed to do?
(a) Call the police and tell them that a strange man is following him.
(b) Go to work and enjoy himself.
(c) Return as soon as possible so that he can play the xylophone for her lesson with Mr. Kolenkhov.
(d) Quit his job and stay at home with her, dancing.

8. For what does Tony plea?
(a) To go home.
(b) To be released from jail.
(c) To end the engagement.
(d) To speak to his fiancee.

9. What does Grandpa do to help Mr. Kirby?
(a) He gives Mr. Kirby a sedative.
(b) He reminds the man of how he was at Tony's age.
(c) He gives Mr. Kirby a hug.
(d) He tells him that Tony will find a job somewhere.

10. What has Paul Sycamore brought upstairs?
(a) His washed clothing.
(b) His latest erector set creation of the Queen Mary.
(c) His new fireworks.
(d) A present for his wife.

11. To what can this squelching lead?
(a) Empty goals.
(b) Success.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Understanding.

12. What is Gay interested in?
(a) Writing plays.
(b) Singing.
(c) Drinking gin.
(d) Dancing.

13. What do not provide long-term satisfaction?
(a) Government positions.
(b) Empty goals.
(c) Authority positions.
(d) Good jobs in firms.

14. What do Ed and Donald do?
(a) Begin to cry.
(b) Give the Kerbys enormous hugs.
(c) Run to the corner grocery to buy some suitable dinner items.
(d) Hide in the basement.

15. Who is Gay Wellington?
(a) A family member.
(b) A neighbor.
(c) Tony's aunt.
(d) An actress.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tony make this decision?

2. Who is Tony trying to convince not to leave?

3. Why does this surprise turn of events occur?

4. What happens to all thirteen people of the household, including the Kirbys?

5. Why is Gay Wellington at the home?

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