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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Tony plea?
(a) To end the engagement.
(b) To speak to his fiancee.
(c) To be released from jail.
(d) To go home.

2. To what does the family agree?
(a) To act naturally.
(b) Behave in the company of Tony's parents.
(c) To put on a performance for Tony's parents.
(d) Go out to dinner, so Alice and Tony may have a quiet dinner with his parents, alone.

3. What is Penny doing as the scene opens?
(a) Talking to an actress.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Painting a self-portrait.
(d) Working on a script.

4. What does Essie urge Ed to do?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Stop complaining.
(c) Stop selling candy.
(d) Stay at home.

5. Why does this surprise turn of events occur?
(a) Mr. Kirby believes his wife acted irrationally.
(b) Mrs. Kirby feels sorry for the Sycamore family.
(c) The fireworks in the basement were accidently ignited.
(d) The men want to arrest Ed.

6. How is Paul's fireworks operation uncovered?
(a) The men search the house for Communist propaganda.
(b) The Kirbys go into the basement by mistake.
(c) The house explodes.
(d) He shows his fireworks to the men.

7. Where might Tony have gotten the idea to leave the firm?
(a) From spending time with the Sycamores.
(b) From his friends.
(c) From his father.
(d) From his desire to have more money.

8. What has Grand Duchess Olga done for the family?
(a) Painted a family portrait.
(b) Prepared blintzes.
(c) Sung a song in Russian.
(d) Performed a ballet solo.

9. Who will stay at least through dinner?
(a) Tony.
(b) Mr. Henderson.
(c) The agency men.
(d) Mr. Kirby.

10. Why does Tony want to leave the firm?
(a) To pursue work that will make him happy.
(b) He is tired of working with his father.
(c) He does not like working in New York City.
(d) He wants to work for a firm that will pay him more.

11. What does the family have for the guest(s)?
(a) A trivia game.
(b) A beautifully cooked meal.
(c) Nothing available to serve the Kirbys on such short notice.
(d) New menus with many entrees from which to choose.

12. What continues as usual tonight?
(a) Tony's visit.
(b) Life in the household.
(c) The Kirby's visit.
(d) Dinner.

13. What is immediately clear upon the arrival of the unexpected guest(s)?
(a) Gay is drunk.
(b) He is not in a good mood.
(c) Mr. Henderson has brought company.
(d) The distinction between the two families.

14. What does Grandpa do to help Mr. Kirby?
(a) He tells him that Tony will find a job somewhere.
(b) He reminds the man of how he was at Tony's age.
(c) He gives Mr. Kirby a sedative.
(d) He gives Mr. Kirby a hug.

15. What does Essie want Ed to do?
(a) Return as soon as possible so that he can play the xylophone for her lesson with Mr. Kolenkhov.
(b) Call the police and tell them that a strange man is following him.
(c) Go to work and enjoy himself.
(d) Quit his job and stay at home with her, dancing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true?

2. Who is Tony trying to convince not to leave?

3. What does Mrs. Kirby announce?

4. What happens to all thirteen people of the household, including the Kirbys?

5. What is not appropriate about what Ed and Donald do?

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