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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is this person's name?
(a) Grandpa Vanderhof.
(b) Essie.
(c) Penny.
(d) Paul.

2. Who is Penny's daughter?
(a) Alicia Sycamore.
(b) Alice Sycamore.
(c) Anne Sycamore.
(d) Ally Sycamore.

3. Why does Paul show Alice his new fireworks?
(a) He wants to show off.
(b) He loves her and wants to include her in his hobby.
(c) He is trying to get her away from Tony.
(d) He wants her to learn to make fireworks too.

4. What is Mr. Henderson's job?
(a) To offer him a job.
(b) To force him to come to jury duty.
(c) To explain the tax situation to Grandpa.
(d) To revoke his driver's license.

5. Why might Tony like Alice's family?
(a) They are very similar to his family.
(b) The dinners are superb.
(c) They are so different from his own.
(d) They give great presents.

6. Why is Essie Carmichael making candy?
(a) Her husband, Ed, has taken orders for the sweets that need to be filled today.
(b) Her mother sells candy from the home.
(c) She loves candy.
(d) It is one of her many hobbies.

7. Why does Alice tell Tony she cannot marry him?
(a) She is already married.
(b) Her family does not approve of him.
(c) He can never understand her family.
(d) She no longer loves him.

8. What does Tony mention about his family?
(a) They are perfect.
(b) Everyone has difficulty with family dynamics.
(c) They are also very odd.
(d) They are better than Alice's family.

9. What is Ironic about Alice's refusal?
(a) She initially refuses Tony's proposal on the grounds that her own family will not be accepted in Tony's world.
(b) Tony will be the love of her life, if she would only go on a date with him.
(c) Her family is so understanding and loving.
(d) She will meet her future husband at work.

10. On what does Penny comment?
(a) Alice's makeup.
(b) Alice's huge smile.
(c) Alice's new shoes.
(d) The new dress Alice is wearing.

11. Where do Alice and Tony go on a date?
(a) To the Monte Carlo Ballet.
(b) To a movie.
(c) To see the New York City Ballet.
(d) To the Museum of Modern Art.

12. What does Alice declare?
(a) The painting is the most beautiful one she has ever seen.
(b) She wants to begin reading the book immediately.
(c) The fireworks' red glow is beautiful.
(d) The dance is beautiful.

13. What does Alice reveal about her evening?
(a) She is going out on a date with Tony Kirby.
(b) She is going to a movie with friends.
(c) She is working late.
(d) She is going to a concert.

14. What takes place at Columbia University?
(a) A ballet performance that Alice and Tony attend.
(b) An art gallery opening that Penny attends.
(c) A ballet class that Essie attends.
(d) A commencement ceremony that Grandpa Vanderhof attends.

15. How might Alice feel about being interrupted by her family members?
(a) Annoyed.
(b) Angry.
(c) Sad.
(d) Happy.

Short Answer Questions

1. The curtain goes down temporarily and rises on what scene?

2. Why does Alice declare this?

3. What does Alice Sycamore do for a living?

4. What does Grandpa enjoy doing?

5. What has Grandpa never done?

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