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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alice feel about Tony?
(a) She detests him.
(b) She really likes him.
(c) She is unsure about him.
(d) She does not like him.

2. How is the apartment as Alice and Tony return from their date?
(a) Everyone is moving about making noise.
(b) The family members are all talking at once.
(c) All is quiet.
(d) There are still odd noises heard.

3. How does Alice feel when she tells Tony she cannot marry him?
(a) She feels exasperated.
(b) She feels tired.
(c) She feels excited.
(d) She feels unsure.

4. The curtain goes down temporarily and rises on what scene?
(a) A different scene the next day.
(b) The same scene later that night.
(c) The same scene the next day.
(d) A different scene later that night.

5. What is happening at the same time Alice and Tony are making declarations to one another?
(a) The rest of the family is in the basement making fireworks.
(b) Their declarations occur amid interruptions of the family members.
(c) The family members are all standing around, watching.
(d) Essie is dancing and Penny is painting.

6. Why does Rheba enter the room?
(a) To talk to Alice.
(b) She is looking for her boyfriend.
(c) To clean the room.
(d) To check on the dinner count.

7. What does Tony mention about his family?
(a) They are perfect.
(b) Everyone has difficulty with family dynamics.
(c) They are also very odd.
(d) They are better than Alice's family.

8. What is unusual about the apartment?
(a) The windows are boarded up.
(b) It is quiet.
(c) There are unusual noises throughout the apartment.
(d) Everyone is in the same room.

9. What has Grandpa never done?
(a) Participated in jury duty.
(b) Paid any income taxes.
(c) Worked.
(d) Paid parking tickets.

10. What does Tony's comment about family dynamics foreshadow?
(a) His lack of a family.
(b) His loving, yet odd family.
(c) His harsh and difficult family.
(d) The easiness in which his family operates.

11. What does Alice Sycamore do for a living?
(a) She sells candy with Ed.
(b) She is a secretary at a Wall Street firm.
(c) She is a banker in a firm on Wall Street.
(d) She makes fireworks with her father.

12. How does the couple act?
(a) Argumentative.
(b) Annoyed.
(c) Tenderly romantic.
(d) Tired.

13. How does Grandpa challenge Mr. Henderson?
(a) To provide evidence he had parked illegally.
(b) To force him to serve jury duty.
(c) To provide some evidence of where the funds will go.
(d) To an arm wrestling contest.

14. Why are the family members interrupting Alice and Tony?
(a) They like to be bothersome.
(b) They do not want Tony to date Alice.
(c) They want to be the center of attention.
(d) They love them and want the couple to feel a part of the family.

15. Who is the most aimless of the household and periodically plays notes on the xylophone so that Essie can dance?
(a) Grandpa.
(b) Essie Carmichael.
(c) Ed Carmichael.
(d) Alice Sycamore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ironic about Alice's refusal?

2. How might Tony feel about being interrupted by Alice's family members?

3. How does Alice respond to Tony?

4. How might Alice feel about being interrupted by her family members?

5. What else does Alice declare?

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