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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Penny do when the doorbell rings?
(a) She runs upstairs.
(b) She answers the door.
(c) She peaks out the window.
(d) She goes to the basement.

2. What is not a good enough reason for Grandpa to part with his money?
(a) The need for an income.
(b) The right to a fair and speedy trial.
(c) To operation of the police force.
(d) The operation of the federal government

3. What does Grandpa enjoy doing?
(a) Working at the bank.
(b) Attending commencement exercises.
(c) Running the household.
(d) Selling candy.

4. Who passes Mr. Henderson in the hall?
(a) Tony.
(b) Alice.
(c) Mr. Kolenkhov.
(d) Paul.

5. What do the authors show, despite the difficulties and differences in Alice's family?
(a) Tony dislike of the family.
(b) Her love for the family.
(c) They Kirby's love for the family.
(d) The family's love for the Kirbys.

6. Why is Essie Carmichael making candy?
(a) It is one of her many hobbies.
(b) Her husband, Ed, has taken orders for the sweets that need to be filled today.
(c) Her mother sells candy from the home.
(d) She loves candy.

7. How does Alice respond to Tony?
(a) She relents.
(b) She agrees to run away with him.
(c) She still does not want to marry him.
(d) She is even more ashamed of her family.

8. What is this person's name?
(a) Paul.
(b) Penny.
(c) Grandpa Vanderhof.
(d) Essie.

9. How does Alice feel about her family?
(a) She is angry that they are not normal.
(b) She dreams of escaping their oddities.
(c) She is annoyed and embarrassed by their odd behavior.
(d) She adores them in spite of their quirkiness.

10. What must Alice and Tony do?
(a) Face her family.
(b) Part for the evening.
(c) Say goodbye and end their relationship.
(d) Get packed to run away.

11. What else does Alice declare?
(a) The dance is fantastic.
(b) The book is beautiful.
(c) The painting is gorgeous.
(d) Everything is beautiful.

12. How does the couple act?
(a) Annoyed.
(b) Argumentative.
(c) Tired.
(d) Tenderly romantic.

13. Why does Alice declare this?
(a) Her relationship with Tony will work out after all.
(b) Her mother is so kind and thoughtful.
(c) She loves her grandfather.
(d) Her family is not so strange afte rall.

14. Where are Alice and Tony Kirby going?
(a) Out to dinner.
(b) To an art show.
(c) To the symphony.
(d) Out to a movie.

15. Why does Alice wonder if a visitor has arrived?
(a) The doorbell sounds.
(b) The dog starts to bark.
(c) There is a knock on the door.
(d) Her mother is at the door.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what type of family does Alice come?

2. What does Alice say to Tony?

3. Why are the family members interrupting Alice and Tony?

4. How does Grandpa challenge Mr. Henderson?

5. Why does Rheba enter the room?

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