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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bond meet Dikko?

2. What does Bond witness at Tiger's training school?

3. What is the building called that Bond and Dikko enter?

4. What do the Japanese regard foreigners as?

5. Who is Bond playing a game with?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bond say Dikko did the night before?

2. Why does the government not prosecute Dr. Shatterhand?

3. How did the young man in Tokyo kill himself?

4. What poisons are there in the park?

5. What famous folktale does Tiger tell Bond?

6. How does M describe Tiger?

7. Why does Tanako call Bond Bondo-san?

8. How do the Japanese secure their Secret Service building?

9. What is ON?

10. What was the young man's motivation for killing himself?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the theme of revenge.

1) In what way is the theme of revenge a general theme in Bond books? Why is it so important to the series and Bond's character as a whole?

2) How does Fleming express the theme of revenge in You Only Live Twice.

Essay Topic 2

Examine the novel's dialogue. How does Fleming's dialogue contribute to the following areas:

1) Character

2) Setting

3) Plot

Essay Topic 3

The Bond books greatly influenced modern literature and in particular crime books. Choose a book written after the novel that you think was influenced by it and discuss there similarities in terms of:

a) plot

b) character

c) themes.

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