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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bond use to slide down the wall?
(a) Mooring line
(b) A clothes line
(c) Fishing line
(d) Rope

2. Where was Bond's mother born?
(a) Italy
(b) Switzerland
(c) France
(d) Wales

3. What is Blofeld known as to the villagers?
(a) Dr. Pretty
(b) The King of Death
(c) Scarface
(d) Dr. Death

4. What do Blofeld's guards beat Bond with?
(a) Wet towels
(b) Glass bottles
(c) Staves
(d) Their fists

5. What does Bond have to practice with Kissy in this chapter?
(a) Golf
(b) Swimming
(c) Japanese etiquette
(d) Climbing

6. What is Blofeld wearing on his head?
(a) A spiked helmet
(b) A kerchief
(c) A bowler hat
(d) A baseball cap

7. What color is the sky?
(a) Red and gold
(b) Yellow and blue
(c) Red and yellow
(d) Gold and blue

8. Where did Bond's aunt live?
(a) Paris
(b) London
(c) Oxford
(d) Canterbury

9. What is the only thing Bond is now wearing?
(a) His coat
(b) His socks
(c) Boxer shorts
(d) Ninja underwear

10. What does the corporal kill the man with?
(a) A knife
(b) A dart
(c) A gun
(d) An axe

11. Where does the object hit Bond?
(a) The head
(b) The back
(c) The stomach
(d) The chest

12. What word is written on the piece of paper Bond finds?
(a) Odessa
(b) Vladiostok
(c) Kiev
(d) Khruschev

13. Where does Bond convince Kissy to take him to?
(a) The castle
(b) Tokyo
(c) The Six Guardians
(d) The hanging gardens

14. What dangerous fish is in the lake the man steps into?
(a) Piranhas
(b) Barracudas
(c) Sharks
(d) Ray fish

15. What does Blofeld demand to know?
(a) Who sent him
(b) Bond's name
(c) How old Bond is
(d) How much money Bond has

Short Answer Questions

1. What famous school did Bond attend?

2. What does Bond eat for breakfast?

3. What does Bond climb in this chapter?

4. Which of the following does Blofeld not liken himself to?

5. Who does Bond believe he is back with when he wakes up?

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