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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bond have to practice with Kissy in this chapter?
(a) Golf
(b) Japanese etiquette
(c) Climbing
(d) Swimming

2. What is the name of Blofeld's wife?
(a) Freda Snail
(b) Irma Bunt
(c) Linda Lee
(d) Janice Bint

3. What is Irma wearing?
(a) A mosquito net
(b) A baseball cap
(c) A bee keepers hat
(d) A spiked helmet

4. What color is the sky?
(a) Yellow and blue
(b) Red and yellow
(c) Gold and blue
(d) Red and gold

5. What organization is Blofeld the head of?
(d) Black Dragon

6. What does Blofeld demand to know?
(a) How much money Bond has
(b) Bond's name
(c) How old Bond is
(d) Who sent him

7. Where does Bond kick one of the guards?
(a) In the buttocks
(b) In the shin
(c) In the groin
(d) In the head

8. What does Bond eat for breakfast?
(a) Rice and bean curd
(b) Yoghurt
(c) Cheese and rolls
(d) Liver and eggs

9. What is Blofeld wearing on his head?
(a) A bowler hat
(b) A baseball cap
(c) A kerchief
(d) A spiked helmet

10. What does Bond take from Blofeld dead body?
(a) Underwear
(b) A kimono
(c) A sword
(d) A chocolate bar

11. What does the corporal kill the man with?
(a) A dart
(b) A gun
(c) An axe
(d) A knife

12. What is the hut made out of?
(a) Iron
(b) Sacking
(c) Wood
(d) Rope

13. What room does Blofeld order his men to take Bond into?
(a) The Interrogation Room
(b) The Torture Room
(c) The Question Room
(d) The Answer Room

14. What is the only thing Bond is now wearing?
(a) Boxer shorts
(b) His socks
(c) Ninja underwear
(d) His coat

15. What is the name of the shop Kissy goes to?
(a) Happy Shop
(b) Sex Shop
(c) Porn Shop
(d) Grow Shop

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bond witness firsthand from his hideout?

2. What does Tiger introduce Bond as?

3. Which of the following does Blofeld not liken himself to?

4. Where is Vladiostok located?

5. Who leaps out of the car window?

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