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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bond think the young man should have tried to do?
(a) Find help
(b) Kill his parents
(c) Get into another college
(d) Marry a good woman

2. What kind of building is the Outer Shrine of Ise?
(a) Statue
(b) Church
(c) Museum
(d) Temple

3. What does M want to do with Bond?
(a) Fire him
(b) Find him a new woman
(c) Find him help
(d) Kill him

4. Where is Melody's bar located?
(a) Honza
(b) Ginza
(c) Melody
(d) Koyoto

5. Why did the Ronin cut their stomachs?
(a) To find money
(b) They felt too full
(c) They swallowed poison
(d) They were unable to save their lord

6. Where does M meet his friend for a chat?
(a) A golf club
(b) His office
(c) A restaurant
(d) A cafe

7. What is Dikko's real name?
(a) James Gordon Lott
(b) Frank Formby
(c) Jackson Sport
(d) Richard Lovelace Henderson

8. Why do the government not prosecute the doctor?
(a) He controls the government
(b) He is providing a service
(c) He is too rich
(d) He is a foreigner

9. Who does Dikko give Bond advice on?
(a) Kissy
(b) Tiger
(c) Blofeld
(d) M

10. Who are people in the temple saying their prayers to?
(a) The moon god
(b) Buddha
(c) The sun goddess
(d) Shinto

11. What did the young man from Tokyo fail to do?
(a) Become a baseball star
(b) Save his money
(c) Marry the woman of his choice
(d) Get into the college of his choice

12. What does a man spy Bond and Dikko through?
(a) Binoculars
(b) A window
(c) A peep hole
(d) A telescope

13. What organization is Tiger Tanaka head of?
(a) Japanese Secret Service
(b) Japanese mafia
(c) Black Dragon
(d) Japanese Communist Party

14. Who is Bond playing a game with?
(a) Tiger Tanaka
(b) Dikko
(c) Kissy Suzuki
(d) Johnny Marsh

15. What is the foreigners title?
(a) Sir
(b) Lord
(c) Doctor
(d) Professor

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tanaka throw on the first hand?

2. What does Bond say he sees all around him?

3. What does Bond begin to wonder in this chapter?

4. What does Shimata translate as?

5. Who does M say he is concerned with?

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