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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What drink does Dikko order at the Bamboo Bar?
(a) A gin and tonic
(b) A Long Island Ice Tea
(c) A double brandy and ginger ale
(d) A double vodka and cold green tea

2. What is the doctor's wife's name?
(a) Emmy Shatterhand
(b) Jordis Kill
(c) Edna Snip
(d) Denise Fracture

3. What does Tanaka invite Bond home to discuss?
(a) Football
(b) British Secret Service
(c) Business
(d) Wine

4. Where is Bond wandering around?
(a) A garden
(b) An island
(c) A palace
(d) A hotel

5. What does Bond witness at Tiger's training school?
(a) A haiki festival
(b) An accident
(c) A murder
(d) A rape

6. What does Tiger say Bond would have been singled out as a day before?
(a) A spy
(b) A foreigner
(c) A killer
(d) A pervert

7. What does Bond throw on the first hand?
(a) Fire
(b) Scissors
(c) Stone
(d) Paper

8. Where does M meet his friend for a chat?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A cafe
(c) A golf club
(d) His office

9. Who must people in Japan respect?
(a) Their family
(b) Themselves
(c) Authorities
(d) Their elders

10. What does Tiger tell Bond never to be in Japan?
(a) Angry
(b) Funny
(c) Hungry
(d) Stoic

11. What is the name of the bar Dikko and Bond visit in this chapter?
(a) Melody's Bar
(b) The Sake Bar
(c) The Bamboo Bar
(d) The Western Bar

12. What does Tanaka throw on the first hand?
(a) Stone
(b) Paper
(c) Scissors
(d) Fire

13. What does Bond think the young man should have tried to do?
(a) Find help
(b) Get into another college
(c) Marry a good woman
(d) Kill his parents

14. What does Tiger tell Bond he is not allowed to do?
(a) Smoke
(b) Shout
(c) Swear
(d) Spit

15. Where did the doctor recruit staff from?
(a) North Korea
(c) The Red Dragons
(d) The Black Dragons

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the government not prosecute the doctor?

2. What did the young man from Tokyo fail to do?

3. What is the Asahi?

4. Who convinces M to give Bond one more chance?

5. Which of the following poisonous species does the doctor not have in his garden?

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