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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Obit.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What squashed the young man's head ?
(a) A sledge hammer
(b) A pile driver
(c) A boulder
(d) A truck

2. When does the letter say the Soviet Union will stop their attack?
(a) When the western governments give them money
(b) When they are guaranteed security
(c) When America apologizes
(d) When they have destroyed everything

3. What does Tanako call Bond?
(a) Jimmy B
(b) Bondo-san
(c) Jambo
(d) Bode well

4. Why did the Ronin cut their stomachs?
(a) They swallowed poison
(b) They were unable to save their lord
(c) To find money
(d) They felt too full

5. What is the hut made out of?
(a) Sacking
(b) Wood
(c) Rope
(d) Iron

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the foreigners title?

2. When does Bond decide to complete his mission?

3. What country did Tiger spy for?

4. What happens if someone screws down the red wheel?

5. Who is David?

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