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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Six Guardians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bond eat for breakfast?
(a) Rice and bean curd
(b) Cheese and rolls
(c) Yoghurt
(d) Liver and eggs

2. What does Tiger tell Bond he is not allowed to do?
(a) Shout
(b) Smoke
(c) Swear
(d) Spit

3. What does Tiger say that the dangerous foreigner collects?
(a) Coins
(b) Butterflies
(c) Death
(d) Books

4. What is Dr. Shatterhand's real name?
(a) Max Long
(b) Emilio Largo
(c) John Goat
(d) Ernst Blofeld

5. What is Kissy wearing?
(a) A kimono
(b) A dressing gown
(c) A cotton night dress
(d) A wet suit

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tiger say Bond would have been singled out as a day before?

2. What does M rename Bond?

3. Who convinces M to give Bond one more chance?

4. What is Bond contemplating as he wanders around the garden?

5. What does Bond ask Tiger about?

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