You Only Live Twice Fun Activities

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New Vocab

Ask the students to list ten words from the book they don't know and use those words in a short story.

Paper Scissors Rock Tournament

Organize a paper scissors rock tournament. There can be a round robin and the top sixteen players move into the second then the winners of the second play a quarter final and so forth. The number of rounds of paper scissor rock should increase as the tournament progresses. So the people in the round robin play the best of three and the people play the best of 15.

Board Game

Make a board game based around the Garden of Death.

Choose a Culture

Choose a culture completely alien to your own and write a guide on how a foreigner can survive in that culture.

500 Words

Condense the novel into 500 words.


Write a Haiku, which you think summarizes the book.

Bond Vs Goldfinger Dice Game

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