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Scissors Cut Paper

• Bond attends a geisha party with Tiger Tanaka.

• Tanaka and Bond play rock paper scissors while others at the party enjoy sake shots.

• Tanaka invites Bond to his house to discuss business.

• At Tanaka's house, Tanaka tells Bond that he has a secret he wants to share. If Bond tells anyone else, Tanaka will have no choice but to kill him.

Curtains for Bond?

• The story flashes back to a month earlier. Bond's boss M confides in a friend that he is worried about Bond.

• Bond's wife Tracy was murdered by the master criminal Ernst Blofeld and since then Bond has been taking unnecessary risks. M tells his companion that he has even considered sacking Bond.

• M's companion, Moloney, convinces M to give Bond another chance.
• Bond is wandering around a garden, contemplating life without his wife.

• Bond says he has been to every doctor...

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