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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does ignoring the law undermine?

2. What profession is Helen Gahagan Douglass professionally trained for?

3. What is Eleanor Roosevelt's definition of success?

4. What kind of children are often ashamed of their parents?

5. How to people choose their beliefs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the chief duty of a citizen?

2. Define what politics is, according to Eleanor Roosevelt, and how citizens can best become involved?

3. Describe the challenges of women in politics?

4. What happens to Eleanor Roosevelt's mother's cousin that teachers her about the need to feel useful?

5. What is Eleanor Roosevelt's definition of success and what primary figure does she give an example of an individual who lived a life of nonconformity?

6. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe that people's ambitions should be about?

7. How does Eleanor Roosevelt believe people should regard their mistakes?

8. What does Eleanor Roosevelt have to say about the weight of delinquency and how it begins?

9. How does Eleanor Roosevelt say one can be useful?

10. What are several things that one must face before becoming a public servant?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the character of Eleanor Roosevelt. What were her strengths, her weaknesses? How did she conduct herself in a way that made her inspirational? Be sure to include 3 anecdotes from her book that prove what kind of a person she was and how she affected change in a positive way.

Essay Topic 2

Eleanor Roosevelt discusses women in politics and how they have more challenges than men. They seem more sensitive to criticism then men and the job comes at a high personal sacrifice. Write an essay on the strong political women figures over the last 50 years and discuss how the perception of women in politics has changed. Discuss how these women have paved the way for women in politics. Discuss Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Bachelet, Michelle Obama, and any other women that have lead not only political programs, but countries and made a difference. DIscuss the characteristics they share, characteristics that could empower future women leaders. Be sure to use at least 3 examples and back up your analysis with strong evidence of accomplishments.

Essay Topic 3

Eleanor Roosevelt talks about learning to be a public servant and how important it is for a public servant to have a love for the people. Choose 3 major political figures that loved the people, and were then, in turn, adored and revered by the people because of their deep humanitarianism. Examples include Eva Peron, John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela. How does this type of love strengthen a nation? How does this type of love inspire a nation? How can this inspiration lead to growth, change, and prosperity? Include evidence in your essay and specific biographical and historical examples.

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