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Short Answer Questions

1. In what country does Eleanor Roosevelt blunder?

2. Where is conformity most promoted and almost desired?

3. Whose actions does Eleanor Roosevelt mimic in the White House so as to pay attention to individuals instead of groups of people?

4. What is the goal of life?

5. What is the key to success in democracy, according to Thomas Jefferson?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe is a great danger to society?

2. What is the definition of usefulness in the book?

3. What are several things that one must face before becoming a public servant?

4. How do people create themselves and who do they blame for their mistakes?

5. How do people choose their beliefs?

6. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe families should share and how should they interact?

7. Why is the United States often despised by other nations?

8. How is conformity promoted in the workplace and how does the individual rise from the pressure?

9. What are the main expectations for a congressman or senator?

10. What is the chief duty of a citizen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the theme of Eleanor Roosevelt's book " You Learn By Living". What is the main message that she hopes to get across to her readers? Choose at least 3 pivotal passages that support the theme and then carefully analyze those passages.

Essay Topic 2

Elanor Roosevelt strives to offer guideposts to steer others away from pitfalls and mistakes but considers that it may only be possible for someone to learn life lessons through their own mistakes. To what extent is this belief true? To what extent is this belief false? Use 2 examples from your own life and 1 example from a historical life and compare and contrast the possibilities. Do you really have to fail or succeed in order to truly learn and make a change?

Essay Topic 3

Eleanor Roosevelt teaches us to be useful as usefulness is a kind of love and respect we can share with others. Many charitable organizations exist, and they are worthy causes, but there are less dramatic needs everywhere that one can partake in to make a difference. What are the ways you and your generation can be useful? What are the problems you see around you that deserve your attention and inspiration to evoke change? How can you be of service? Provide 3 examples - one political, one social, and one economic. Be sure to use modern day evidence to back your analysis.

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