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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is absolutely necessary to keep in life since knowledge often changes?

2. What does James, Eleanor's son, have to do every day after becoming sick?

3. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say that one must not demand from others?

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe that one should do when dealing with the thing or event at hand?

5. What is every individual responsible for?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt feel there is a danger of when trying to change another person?

2. What does Eleanor Roosevelt feel is needed in addition to a book education?

3. What do the letter writers specifically ask of Eleanor Roosevelt?

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt describe as the best years of a woman's life and what is her example?

5. Who is Miss Hickok , what happens to her, and how does she cope?

6. What is so important about imagination, especially in regards to children?

7. What is the story about how Eleanor Roosevelt became interested in politics about on a moral level?

8. When does the most obvious readjustment take place in a persons life?

9. Describe what the book provides for the individual reader?

10. What was the inspiration behind Eleanor Roosevelt's decision to write "You Learn by Living" ?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Eleanor Roosevelt talks of the Soviet Union and how they begin to recondition men as babies to iron out uniqueness. There is an instance of modus vivendi (agree to disagree) in the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations of which the Soviet Union and the United States interpret differently because the governments view their citizens differently. Write an essay which is a compare and contrast of the Soviet Union's system of conformity, namely communism, with that of the United States system of democracy. How are the citizens of the Soviet Union treated as compared with the United States? What are the problems that the Soviet Union now faces because of this regime which undermines individuality? Are there benefits? Are there loses? Describe them in full.

Essay Topic 2

Eleanor Roosevelt talks about facing responsibility. Many argue that the United States takes on too many of other people's and nations responsibilities and does so because of how capable America is. Do you believe this? Should America act as a world police almost? Discuss the 3 main responsibilities of the United States on a political, economic, and social level. Include evidence in your response and analysis.

Essay Topic 3

Eleanor Roosevelt believes that people must be interested in anything that comes their way and that it is absolutely necessary to keep a flexibility of mind since knowledge so often changes. Discuss our current administration, and the state of international relations with Iran, Afghanistan, and China. How and why is flexibility of mind crucial in these times of social and economic change? Why is this kind of flexibility different from assuming knowledge? Provide 3 examples of current events where it is necessary to keep a flexible mind in your analysis.

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