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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say that one must not demand from others?
(a) what others cannot give
(b) what others refuse to give
(c) what others hope to give
(d) what others labor to give

2. What is every individual responsible for?
(a) his or her choices
(b) his or her philosophies
(c) his or her thoughts
(d) his or her actions

3. From whom does Eleanor Roosevelt inherit her good will?
(a) her mentors
(b) her children
(c) her female friends
(d) her husband

4. According to Ms. Roosevelt, what are the most important ingredients in a child's education?
(a) curiosity, strength, trust, and resilience
(b) curiosity, fortitude, prudence, and cunning
(c) curiosity, challenge, danger, and fortitude
(d) curiosity, interest, imagination, and a sense of adventure

5. What do many American businessmen do which alienates their wives and denies their children of a relationship with their father?
(a) bring work problems home to the family
(b) separate their work life from their home life
(c) succumb to their drive and ambition
(d) work long hours

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Eleanor Roosevelt train her memory as young child?

2. What example does Eleanor Roosevelt use as a way to describe how to accept others?

3. What does Laura say to her nieces and nephews regarding their use of time?

4. What essentially changes when family income changes?

5. What does self-knowledge require?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt feel there is a danger of when trying to change another person?

2. Describe what the book provides for the individual reader?

3. Eleanor Roosevelt says that people can live through almost anything and the danger lies in avoiding ones fears. Describe the fear Eleanor Roosevelt has as a young woman.

4. What is the third tip and example that Eleanor Roosevelt gives about using time wisely?

5. in what way does Eleanor Roosevelt revise her definition of maturity?

6. What is so important about imagination, especially in regards to children?

7. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, why do women have an advantage over men?

8. Describe the anecdote that illustrates overcoming fear through self-discipline?

9. When does the most obvious readjustment take place in a persons life?

10. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is necessary to accept in oneself and in others in order to grow into a mature individual?

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