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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What essentially changes when family income changes?
(a) one's sense of pride
(b) one's sense of purpose
(c) one's sense of meaning
(d) one's sense of values

2. How do unhappy people treat their time?
(a) unhappy people give their time away to other's discretion
(b) unhappy people use their time for pleasure
(c) unhappy people feel a sense of guilt about their time
(d) unhappy people have no idea what to do with their time

3. What do the people want to learn from Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) The people want to learn what Eleanor Roosevelt has learned in her own lifetime.
(b) The people want to learn how to life a bold life
(c) The people want to learn how to be Presidential
(d) The people want to learn what it is like to be political and diplomatic

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is absolutely necessary to keep in life since knowledge often changes?
(a) flexibility of character
(b) flexibility of body
(c) flexibility of mind
(d) flexibility of circumstance

5. What is retirement, according to Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) a time to do what one finally wants to do
(b) a waste of good health
(c) a waste of resources
(d) a time to excel to ones potential

Short Answer Questions

1. What play is Eleanor Roosevelt forbidden to attend?

2. What example does Eleanor Roosevelt use as a way to describe how to accept others?

3. What is one thing that no human being can avoid, according to Eleanor Roosevelt?

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say can become a danger if one becomes too absorbed in it?

5. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, what is the best way people learn?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, why do most people fear self-knolwedge?

2. Describe what the book provides for the individual reader?

3. What is the moral behind the chapter on fear?

4. What is Eleanor Roosevelt's first tip on how to use time wisely and what is the example that she uses to illustrate her point?

5. What is so important about imagination, especially in regards to children?

6. What is the story about how Eleanor Roosevelt became interested in politics about on a moral level?

7. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, why do women have an advantage over men?

8. What does Eleanor Roosevelt offer to people to help steer them from pitfalls?

9. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, how is one's philosophy best expressed?

10. What does Eleanor Roosevelt feel is needed in addition to a book education?

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