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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor do in order to attend the play in which she is forbidden to see?
(a) she steals
(b) she lies
(c) she convinces her guardians to let her go
(d) she becomes an actress

2. How does keeping up with one's interests as well as one's joys in life affect the life of a child, according to Ms. Roosevelt?
(a) it teaches the child independence
(b) it teaches the child joy
(c) it teaches the child to respect his/her parents
(d) it teaches the child to be patient

3. What are the three environments in which people obtain their education?
(a) at home, at school, and from life
(b) at home, on the playground, and on holiday
(c) at home, at school, and at play
(d) at home, at school, and with friends

4. What does "You Learn By Living" ultimately provide for the reader?
(a) justice
(b) clarity
(c) hope
(d) answers

5. Above all else, what does Eleanor Roosevelt wish for all her reader do in regard to the uses of time?
(a) use time wisely
(b) use time to create a better life
(c) use time for personal improvement
(d) use time as a means to an end

Short Answer Questions

1. Who raised Eleanor Roosevelt from the age of seven?

2. Why do most people fear self-knoweldge?

3. What does a parent's interests and array of different friends do for children?

4. What does a mature person take and evaluate in order to better themselves?

5. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is necessary to accept if one is to obtain self-knowledge?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Miss Hickok , what happens to her, and how does she cope?

2. What is Eleanor Roosevelt's first tip on how to use time wisely and what is the example that she uses to illustrate her point?

3. As a timid child, how does Eleanor Roosevelt overcome most of her fears?

4. How does Eleanor Roosevelt view retirement?

5. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe is the most essential thing for the continuance of an adult education?

6. Describe what the book provides for the individual reader?

7. When does the most obvious readjustment take place in a persons life?

8. Why is the question "why"? so important?

9. What is the moral behind the chapter on fear?

10. What does Eleanor Roosevelt offer to people to help steer them from pitfalls?

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