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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the key to success in democracy, according to Thomas Jefferson?
(a) responsibility for fiscal spending
(b) responsibility for family
(c) responsibility for well-being
(d) responsibility of learning

2. In what country does Eleanor Roosevelt blunder?
(a) Cambodia
(b) Thailand
(c) Vietnam
(d) Laos

3. What anecdote does Eleanor Roosevelt give about meeting less dramatic needs everyday?
(a) the girl at the hospital
(b) the boy at the post office
(c) the boys who babysits
(d) the girl who gets stuck between trains

4. How do people create themselves?
(a) through the people they meet
(b) through their beliefs and skills
(c) through the choices they make
(d) through their individual talents

5. What does Eleanor Roosevelt have to say about fashion?
(a) wear what looks best on you
(b) look to the fashion greats for inspiration
(c) follow fashion based on how it makes you feel
(d) have confidence in one's own taste

6. What does the absurdity of wearing silly hats during a family meeting prevent?
(a) laughter
(b) seriousness
(c) arguments
(d) honesty

7. Where is conformity most promoted and almost desired?
(a) in schools
(b) in the worldplace
(c) in the home
(d) in the business world

8. What must a public servant have the elasticity and flexibility of mind to face?
(a) a demanding boss
(b) a changing world
(c) a greedy public
(d) a distant family life

9. How to people choose their beliefs?
(a) through their ability to stand up for their beliefs
(b) through a series of trial and error
(c) through the influence of their families
(d) through tenacity and persistence in finding the truth

10. What does Eleanor Roosevelt mimic in Bombay that brings her an ovation?
(a) their religion
(b) their greeting
(c) their cooking skills
(d) their language

11. Who does Eleanor Roosevelt give as an example of true success, even though he is buried in a pauper's grave?
(a) Beethoven
(b) Bach
(c) Handel
(d) Mozart

12. Where does Harry Belafonte perform in order to be useful and bring love and respect to the world?
(a) a school of delinquent boys
(b) a juveniele courtroom
(c) a home for unwed mothers
(d) a school of delinquent girls

13. What skill is important to teach children at an early age?
(a) to think for themselves
(b) to work hard to reap the benefits
(c) to be patient
(d) to get along with others

14. Why do so few people become public servants?
(a) because the risk is bigger than the reward
(b) because it is public work
(c) because it holds an uncertain future
(d) because it is hard work

15. What does Eleanor Roosevelt see as a major societal pressure?
(a) morality
(b) marriage
(c) uniqueness
(d) conformity

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt discuss when she talks about usefulness being a type of love?

2. What mistake does a youth make that Eleanor Roosevelt takes a deep interest in?

3. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe about most cultures?

4. Why is the United States often despised by other nations?

5. What do people often blame others for?

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