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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What country is Eleanor Roosevelt most impressed by, especially because of the girl who studies that particular country?
(a) Thailand
(b) China
(c) France
(d) Ghana

2. Who does Eleanor Roosevelt reuse to walk behind as an example of showing disapproval in an inoffensive way when in a different country?
(a) the men in Japan
(b) a young woman in Bombay
(c) the Buddhist priest in Thailand
(d) a Senator at the White House

3. What is each citizen's minimum duty?
(a) vote intelligently
(b) go to town meetings
(c) encourage competent people to run for office
(d) donate to public fundraisers

4. What is the key to success in democracy, according to Thomas Jefferson?
(a) responsibility for family
(b) responsibility for fiscal spending
(c) responsibility of learning
(d) responsibility for well-being

5. Where does Eleanor Roosevelt work to feel useful?
(a) Hospice
(b) The Daughters of the Revolution
(c) Orphanages in Mexico
(d) The Consumer's League

6. Children must learn to face responsibility for their actions, but what is also important to allow them to make?
(a) amends
(b) mistakes
(c) adjustments
(d) corrections

7. In what country does Eleanor Roosevelt blunder?
(a) Thailand
(b) Laos
(c) Vietnam
(d) Cambodia

8. What must a public servant have the elasticity and flexibility of mind to face?
(a) a changing world
(b) a greedy public
(c) a distant family life
(d) a demanding boss

9. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is important to work for when working for a group?
(a) work towards honoring others for the work they've done
(b) work toward receiving credit for the work
(c) work towards the result not the credit
(d) work towards the opportunity that might arise

10. What is a common problem that many households face in the United States?
(a) keeping up with their own ambitions
(b) desiring things they cannot have
(c) wanting to be free from the pressures of conformity
(d) keeping up with the Joneses

11. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, what does everyone have a need for?
(a) to be recognized as an individual
(b) to be respected as a human being
(c) to be accepted and loved
(d) to be loved by a family

12. What does Eleanor Roosevelt have to say about fashion?
(a) have confidence in one's own taste
(b) look to the fashion greats for inspiration
(c) follow fashion based on how it makes you feel
(d) wear what looks best on you

13. What type of behavior is surprisingly less proportionate among the poor because children feel they are needed by their family?
(a) over-achieving
(b) addiction
(c) delinquency
(d) egotism

14. What must a family be willing to accept when a member decides to become a public servant?
(a) accept their financial hardship
(b) accept their way of life
(c) accept their travel schedule
(d) accept their emotional distance

15. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe about most cultures?
(a) they allow for change
(b) they deserve the utmost care and respect
(c) they are more similar than suggested
(d) they are very different from each other

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Harry Belafonte perform in order to be useful and bring love and respect to the world?

2. Who visits a CCC camp in America and pays special attention to the individuality of the boys?

3. What is one downfall to women in politics?

4. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, what should people's ambitions be about?

5. Why do so few people become public servants?

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