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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt see as a major societal pressure?
(a) conformity
(b) marriage
(c) uniqueness
(d) morality

2. What is the key to success in democracy, according to Thomas Jefferson?
(a) responsibility for well-being
(b) responsibility for family
(c) responsibility of learning
(d) responsibility for fiscal spending

3. What is Eleanor Roosevelt's definition of success?
(a) contributing to the world and paying back to society
(b) contributing and earning a living
(c) living your potential and contributing
(d) raising a family and living your potential

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt discuss when she talks about usefulness being a type of love?
(a) her granddaughter organizing a picnic
(b) her granddaughter organizing family vacations
(c) her granddaughter visiting an orphanage
(d) her granddaughter visiting the local hospital

5. What must a public servant have a genuine love of in order to be successful?
(a) service
(b) country
(c) government
(d) people

6. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is a mistake to never make when traveling abroad?
(a) not knowing the customs of other people
(b) drinking the water in underdeveloped countries
(c) attempting a language that you do not know
(d) eating the wrong foods

7. What does America owe public servants?
(a) respect and monetary compensation
(b) care and appreciation
(c) gratitude and honesty
(d) gratitude and respect

8. What is the young couple offended by?
(a) their neighbors misogyny
(b) their neighbors lifestyle
(c) their neighbors politics
(d) their neighbors racism

9. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe about other people's opinions?
(a) not to worry about them only mean well in actions
(b) seek to placate people's opinions
(c) mean well in actions and the opinions will be positive
(d) seek personal approval first

10. What kind of concept must a congressman or senator have?
(a) an international concept
(b) a grass roots concept
(c) a national concept
(d) a local economy concept

11. Why is the United States often despised by other nations?
(a) because Americans do not understand other nations cultures
(b) because Americans expect others to speak English
(c) because Americans do not have manners
(d) because Americans are loud and disrespectful

12. What is the name of the multicultural group of youths who assemble to discuss politics?
(a) The Multicultural Youth of Nations
(b) Citizenship Rights for Youth
(c) The Encampment for Citizenship
(d) The Model United Nations

13. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is necessary about working in the modern world with different cultures and different races?
(a) it is important to have tolerance
(b) it is important to learn new customs and modes of thought
(c) it is important to respect one's own culture and race
(d) it is important to remain an individual in the midst of culture

14. Where is conformity most promoted and almost desired?
(a) in schools
(b) in the home
(c) in the business world
(d) in the worldplace

15. What type of behavior is surprisingly less proportionate among the poor because children feel they are needed by their family?
(a) delinquency
(b) egotism
(c) over-achieving
(d) addiction

Short Answer Questions

1. What do young people most believe in?

2. How to people choose their beliefs?

3. How do people create themselves?

4. In what country does Eleanor Roosevelt blunder?

5. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say that being an individual is mostly about, besides being a right?

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