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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must the foreign doctor Eleanor Roosevelt speaks of do upon immigration to the United States?
(a) leave his family behind
(b) work for the government
(c) restudy medicine
(d) lose his religion

2. How did Eleanor Roosevelt train her memory as young child?
(a) she memorized the New Testament in German
(b) she memorized the Old Testament in Flemish
(c) she memorized the New Testament in French
(d) she memorized the Old Testament in French

3. What does Eleanor do in order to attend the play in which she is forbidden to see?
(a) she convinces her guardians to let her go
(b) she steals
(c) she becomes an actress
(d) she lies

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe that one should do when dealing with the thing or event at hand?
(a) delegate
(b) break it into manageable pieces
(c) give some effort and then move on
(d) give it all of one's attention

5. Who's book does Eleanor Roosevelt accidentally tear a page in and is overwhelmed at the thought of displeasing them?
(a) her husband's book
(b) her child's book
(c) her grandmother's book
(d) her aunt's book

6. What does Eleanor Roosevelt offer in order to steer others from pitfalls?
(a) prayers
(b) sayings
(c) guideposts
(d) hard and fast rules

7. What is one thing that no human being can avoid, according to Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) making mistakes
(b) achieving their dreams
(c) being uncertain about life
(d) relying on the kindness of others

8. What essentially changes when family income changes?
(a) one's sense of pride
(b) one's sense of values
(c) one's sense of purpose
(d) one's sense of meaning

9. What does self-knowledge require?
(a) humility
(b) inner calm
(c) heroics
(d) acceptance

10. What is the name of the people who throw the dinner party in which Eleanor makes an unsuccessful attempt at playing her newly learned conversational game?
(a) The President and First Lady of France
(b) President and Mrs. Wilson
(c) The Queen of England
(d) Governor and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge

11. Who does Eleanor Roosevelt say has the ability to focus only on one thing at a time, and focus very well?
(a) her aunt
(b) herself
(c) her children
(d) her husband

12. What does Laura say to her nieces and nephews regarding their use of time?
(a) it is their responsibility to use time to their advantage
(b) it is their responsibility to be on time for appointments
(c) it is their responsibility to make the best use of their time
(d) it is their responsibility to be eager to share time with others

13. What example does Eleanor Roosevelt use as a way to describe how to accept others?
(a) husbands not helping with raising children
(b) husbands not willing to cook and clean
(c) husbands forgetting birthdays and anniversaries
(d) husbands forgetting to clean up after themselves

14. What is Eleanor Roosevelt's aunt, Mrs. Cowles, more unique than most adults?
(a) she's sure of herself
(b) she listens
(c) she's privleged
(d) she's deaf

15. What are the best years of a women's life?
(a) a woman who is about to marry
(b) it depends on when a woman finds her true calling
(c) a woman who is raising children
(d) it varies by the individual

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first piece of advice Eleanor Roosevelt has on how to use time wisely?

2. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say should be interwoven into an organized stretch of time so as to prepare for unexpected things?

3. What does Ms. Roosevelt say is more important than experience, especially in children?

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is necessary to accept if one is to obtain self-knowledge?

5. What does Eleanor Roosevelt consider essential to keeping people feeling alive?

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