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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are many people afraid to use in their own lives that might truly benefit them and their personal dreams?
(a) their talents
(b) their capabilities
(c) their skills
(d) their confidence

2. What essentially changes when family income changes?
(a) one's sense of purpose
(b) one's sense of meaning
(c) one's sense of pride
(d) one's sense of values

3. What do many American businessmen do which alienates their wives and denies their children of a relationship with their father?
(a) succumb to their drive and ambition
(b) bring work problems home to the family
(c) separate their work life from their home life
(d) work long hours

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt believe about defining the role of a mature person?
(a) it is always in need of revision
(b) it is nebulous
(c) it is different for every individual
(d) it is always definite and unchanging

5. Why do most people fear self-knoweldge?
(a) because they fear knowing who they are
(b) because they fear losing love from others if they try
(c) because they feel it is discovering secret things about themselves
(d) because they feel it is discovering only bad things about themselves

6. What is every individual responsible for?
(a) his or her philosophies
(b) his or her actions
(c) his or her choices
(d) his or her thoughts

7. Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) a Nobel Laureate
(b) the first Congresswoman
(c) the former First Lady
(d) the winner of the Pulitzer Prize

8. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, what might retirement time be used for?
(a) a time to develop new professional skills
(b) a time to develop oneself yet again
(c) a time to travel and learn
(d) a time to unwind and finally relax

9. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is absolutely necessary to keep in life since knowledge often changes?
(a) flexibility of character
(b) flexibility of mind
(c) flexibility of circumstance
(d) flexibility of body

10. What does self-knowledge require?
(a) humility
(b) acceptance
(c) inner calm
(d) heroics

11. What are men taught to do from their youth?
(a) protect
(b) dominate
(c) succeed
(d) provide

12. What do the people want to learn from Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) The people want to learn how to be Presidential
(b) The people want to learn how to life a bold life
(c) The people want to learn what Eleanor Roosevelt has learned in her own lifetime.
(d) The people want to learn what it is like to be political and diplomatic

13. What are the best years of a women's life?
(a) it varies by the individual
(b) it depends on when a woman finds her true calling
(c) a woman who is about to marry
(d) a woman who is raising children

14. What else do people need in conjunction with a book education?
(a) people need the stimulus of the exchanging of ideas with others
(b) people need to experience the kinesthetics of an event to fully understand
(c) people need the stimulus of a heirarchy to climb
(d) people need to see examples for themselves

15. What does Eleanor Roosevelt overhear her youngest son praise about having chance to pursue because of the support he received from his parents?
(a) his visit to Arthurdale
(b) his ability to find a suitable job
(c) his ability study abroad
(d) his attendance at a prestigious college

Short Answer Questions

1. What is retirement, according to Eleanor Roosevelt?

2. What does Eleanor Roosevelt encourage her readers to take into consideration when they weight the content of her book?

3. What does Laura say to her nieces and nephews regarding their use of time?

4. What are Eleanor Roosevelt's two remedies for weariness caused by over-activity?

5. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, when someone lets another person down, what is the best way to handle that situation?

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