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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ch. 2, Fear-the Great Enemy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is every individual responsible for?
(a) his or her philosophies
(b) his or her actions
(c) his or her choices
(d) his or her thoughts

2. What are the three environments in which people obtain their education?
(a) at home, at school, and at play
(b) at home, on the playground, and on holiday
(c) at home, at school, and with friends
(d) at home, at school, and from life

3. What type of book is "You Learn By Living"?
(a) an educational book
(b) an inspirational book
(c) a historical narrative
(d) a novel

4. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, what is the best way people learn?
(a) by rigorous challenges
(b) through watching others fail
(c) through their own mistakes
(d) by mentorship

5. Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?
(a) the former First Lady
(b) the winner of the Pulitzer Prize
(c) the first Congresswoman
(d) a Nobel Laureate

Short Answer Questions

1. What must parents know about their children that will help their children dismantle their own fears and inhibitions?

2. What is essentially easier and more exhilarating than fear?

3. What does Ms. Roosevelt say is more important than experience, especially in children?

4. What must parents be free of in order to raise their children free of fear?

5. What does the book provide for the reader in order for the reader to become successful?

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