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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ch. 9, Facing Responsibility.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Eleanor Roosevelt say is a mistake to never make when traveling abroad?
(a) eating the wrong foods
(b) attempting a language that you do not know
(c) drinking the water in underdeveloped countries
(d) not knowing the customs of other people

2. What does Eleanor Roosevelt see as a major societal pressure?
(a) marriage
(b) conformity
(c) uniqueness
(d) morality

3. What are the best years of a women's life?
(a) a woman who is about to marry
(b) it varies by the individual
(c) it depends on when a woman finds her true calling
(d) a woman who is raising children

4. What does Eleanor Roosevelt overhear her youngest son praise about having chance to pursue because of the support he received from his parents?
(a) his ability to find a suitable job
(b) his ability study abroad
(c) his attendance at a prestigious college
(d) his visit to Arthurdale

5. What example does Eleanor Roosevelt use as a way to describe how to accept others?
(a) husbands forgetting to clean up after themselves
(b) husbands not willing to cook and clean
(c) husbands not helping with raising children
(d) husbands forgetting birthdays and anniversaries

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, when someone lets another person down, what is the best way to handle that situation?

2. Who's book does Eleanor Roosevelt accidentally tear a page in and is overwhelmed at the thought of displeasing them?

3. What are many people afraid to use in their own lives that might truly benefit them and their personal dreams?

4. What state does Eleanor Roosevelt say is easy and even fatal to slip into?

5. What does Eleanor Roosevelt mimic in Bombay that brings her an ovation?

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