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The French School

Create a brochure which advertises the French School that Eleanor Roosevelt attended. Be sure to include all of her teachers, the surroundings, and the importance of education.

A Letter to Eleanor

Write your own letter to Eleanor Roosevelt voicing concerns that you have about the current political, social, or economic situation that you find yourself or your nation involved in. Express to her your need for advice based on her life experiences.

The Pilgrims and the New World

Create a motivational short story in the voice of a pilgrim on his/her voyage to the New World. Be sure to include the journey, the hardship, the anxiety, the exhilaration, the fear, and the joy of relocating to a new place and beginning a new life. The relocation was a challenge, but the freedom was unparalleled.

Time Clock

Create a Paper Mache clock. At each hour...

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