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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the second thing the man Chinaski tries to help drops?
(a) His hearing aid.
(b) His cane.
(c) His paperwork.
(d) His medication.

2. Where does "Together" take place?
(a) A hostel.
(b) A rented room.
(c) A diner.
(d) A park.

3. When Chinaski writes, who or what accompanies him?
(a) His dogs.
(b) His radio.
(c) His cats.
(d) His brother.

4. Chinaski believes the best companion is _____________.
(a) His wife.
(b) His pets.
(c) Himself.
(d) His ex-girlfriend.

5. In "Termites of the Page," whom does Bukowski lambast?
(a) Poets.
(b) Celebrities.
(c) Athletes.
(d) Middle class workers.

6. With whom does Chinaski seem to feel the strongest kinship?
(a) An actor.
(b) An English poet.
(c) A German composer.
(d) F. Scott Fitzgerald.

7. In school, Chinaski often had difficulty with ___________.
(a) Math.
(b) Science.
(c) Physical education.
(d) Words.

8. What is the name of the thief who lives in a boarding house in "Bad Times at the 3rd and Vermont Hotel"?
(a) Tenness.
(b) Hondur.
(c) Alabam.
(d) Dakota.

9. In "A Non-urgent Poem," a man says that Chinaski has lost which of the following?
(a) Emotion.
(b) Urgency.
(c) Mood.
(d) Faith.

10. Chinaski believes that most poets are which of the following?
(a) Innocent.
(b) Angry.
(c) Selfish.
(d) Privileged.

11. In "Putrefaction," back to which decade does Chinaski think the country is regressing?
(a) 1980s.
(b) 1990s.
(c) 1960s.
(d) 1970s.

12. In "A Funny Guy," what is Schopenhauer's profession?
(a) Philanthropist.
(b) Psychologist.
(c) Professor.
(d) Philosopher.

13. Chinaski assures the readers that even though he writes less about drinking and prostitutes, what is still intact?
(a) His anger.
(b) His faith.
(c) His agony.
(d) His depression.

14. In "Shoes," what does the young man think of the shoes?
(a) He thinks they would look good on him.
(b) He thinks they are sexy.
(c) He thinks they are ridiculous.
(d) He has no feelings about them.

15. All the crazy poets Chinaski used to work with now have what kinds of jobs?
(a) Constructon jobs.
(b) No jobs.
(c) Clergy jobs.
(d) Teaching jobs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Saroyan flees from the United States to _________.

2. In "Glenn Miller," Chinaski recalls what kind of shop?

3. In "Education," what does Chinaski remember?

4. In "Red Mercedes," what does the passenger hand the driver of the car from the glove box?

5. What kind of magazines does Chinaski write for in "O Tempora! O Mores!"?

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