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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Friends within the Darkness," Chinaski listens to __________.
(a) Country music.
(b) Rap music.
(c) Rock music.
(d) Classical music.

2. What is the occupation of the subject in "That's Why Funerals Are So Sad"?
(a) A boxer.
(b) An actor.
(c) A writer.
(d) A police officer.

3. Which of the following adjectives best describes Chinaski of the present in "Zero"?
(a) Sympathetic.
(b) Aggressive.
(c) Angry.
(d) Docile.

4. Chinaski believes that most poets are which of the following?
(a) Angry.
(b) Selfish.
(c) Privileged.
(d) Innocent.

5. Who has an ironic death in Bukowski's work?
(a) The man in the red Mercedes.
(b) Chinaski's father.
(c) Chinaski.
(d) Chinaski's uncle.

6. What boy throws up in "Whorehouse"?
(a) Vince.
(b) Jack.
(c) Lance.
(d) Chinaski.

7. Where is the man located in "The Man in the Brown Suit"?
(a) A bank.
(b) A grocery store.
(c) An office.
(d) A diner.

8. What is the name of the thief who lives in a boarding house in "Bad Times at the 3rd and Vermont Hotel"?
(a) Dakota.
(b) Hondur.
(c) Tenness.
(d) Alabam.

9. According to Chinaski, how long did it take him to become the best drunk in the neighborhood?
(a) Eighteen years.
(b) Ten years.
(c) Fifteen years.
(d) Two years.

10. In "The Crazy Truth," Chinaski recalled seeing a pedestrian verbally abuse a man in what color car?
(a) Blue.
(b) Red.
(c) White.
(d) Green.

11. In "The Master Plan," where does Chinaski survive a harsh winter?
(a) Miami.
(b) Los Angeles.
(c) New York.
(d) Philadelphia.

12. In "Glenn Miller," Chinaski recalls what kind of shop?
(a) Book shop.
(b) Soda shop.
(c) Bicycle shop.
(d) Sports shop.

13. What is Chinaski's justification for indolence and excess?
(a) His childhood.
(b) His privilege.
(c) His existence.
(d) His love life.

14. Where does Chinaski live?
(a) Dallas.
(b) New York.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) San Francisco.

15. According to Chinaski, where are all of his defenders?
(a) South America.
(b) Asia.
(c) Europe.
(d) North America.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Stride," how old does Chinaski recall being?

2. Chinaski's work is most likely a rebuttal to authors like ______________.

3. Who is the subject of the poem "Retired"?

4. What is the name of Chinaski's friend in "The Stride"?

5. In "Drive Through Hell," where does Chinaski see the soul of the world?

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