Objects & Places from You Can't Say You Can't Play

Vivian Paley
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Kindergarten Class - This is where the time-out chair is done away with.

Paley's Travels and Conferences - This is where the teacher has time to gather insight about class observations and notes.

Paley's Voice - This is something the teacher regularly lost.

The Lonely Kingdom - This is where a sad girl is found playing with a doll.

The Kingdom of Tall Pines - This is where a character and their family is invited to stay.

The Ship - This takes people from place to place.

The Desert - This is where moving flowers are seen.

The Six Mountains - This place must be crossed to get to another land.

The Seventh Mountain - This place is surrounded by fog.

Beatrix's Trap - This place is covered by a blueberry bush.

Raymond's Cave - This place contains stolen goods.

Magpie's Imitation Abilities - This is used...

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