Daily Lessons for Teaching You Can't Say You Can't Play

Vivian Paley
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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1, You Can't Play, The Habit of Rejection Paley was a Kindergarten teacher who had reached the age of sixty and who had become frustrated with the cycle of rejection that permeates play among children. Paley instituted a new rule about play, shocking her students, as Paley set out to garner acceptance from them for this new social order about their play time. The focus of this lesson is Paley's initial efforts at change in the social practice of play and her students initial responses.

1) Class Discussion: Who is Paley? Why does she institute a new play rule? What are her concerns? What is her goal? How do her students respond to the new rule? How many students are in her class? How many of her students are happy about the new rule, and why do they seem so pleased? How would you feel if we...

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