A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Fifteen year old Rayona is visiting her mother Christine in the hospital in Seattle, WA.

* Christine tries to leave the hospital so she can commit suicide after Rayona's father, Elgin, asks for a divorce.

* Rayona agrees to drive Christine to the cliff where she plans to drive off, but they run out of gas.

* The mother and daughter walk to a gas station, eventually returning to their apartment to pack up all their belongings.

* They are behind in rent and feel little connection to Seattle.

* Christine and Rayona decide drive to Montana to see the reservation where Christine grows up.

* The car breaks down about a half mile from their destination.

* They take their belongs and walk to Christine's mother's house.

* A woman is trying to mow the lawn when they approach.

* It is years since Christine sees her mother.

* Christine's mother, Aunt Ida, doesn't welcome...

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