Yellow Crocus Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Laila Ibrahim
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1. When is Elizabeth born?

April 14, 1837.

2. Who comes to get Mattie when the Mistress is about to give birth?


3. How old is Mattie in Chapter 1?


4. Who is to watch Samuel while Mattie is gone?

His great-grandfather.

5. How often is Mattie allowed to have her clothes laundered at the Big House?

Once a week.

6. In Chapter 2, what time is Mattie to bring Elizabeth to her mother?

Two o'clock.

7. How often does the clock in the parlor chime a short song?

Every 15 minutes.

8. How long after Elizabeth's birth is she taken to her mother?

2 days.

9. What is the name of the plantation where Elizabeth is born?

Fair Oaks.

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