Objects & Places from Yellow Crocus

Laila Ibrahim
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Fair Oaks, White Pines

This is the plantation where Lisbeth grows up.

Mattie’s Mirror

This is something a wet nurse sees and finds resemblance in herself to her mother and grandfather.

Mattie’s Necklace of Shells

This is something that black mothers passed down to their daughters and is worn as a comfort and strength.

Willow Trees

One of these is a safe place where reading and learning take place, and the other is where a black slave is sexually assaulted.

Lisbeth’s Shell Necklace

This is something a black nurse leaves for her charge when the nurse escapes to freedom.

Lisbeth’s Sapphire Necklace

This is something given as an engagement present.

The Color Blue

This is a symbol that is associated with Lisbeth's mother and Lisbeth's ball gown.

Yellow Crocuses

These are symbols of spring and new life.


These provide a glimpse of life...

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