Yellow Crocus Fun Activities

Laila Ibrahim
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Favorite Lullaby

Mattie sang a lullaby that became Lisbeth's favorite. Find the music to a lullaby your parents sang to you when you were little or the music to a lullaby that you enjoy.


Discuss with a group how you would feel if a family member was sold and sent away and you could only see him or her occasionally.

Conch Shell Necklace

Draw a picture of what Mattie's necklace might have looked like.


Discuss with a group how life might have been more difficult for Mattie if Lisbeth's room had not faced the slave quarters.

Author Interview

Write 10 questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.

Mattie and Lisbeth

Draw a portrait of Mattie and Lisbeth together.

North and South

Create a map showing slave states and free states.


Lisbeth's mother and her friend Mary had different ideas about what...

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