Yellow Crocus Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Laila Ibrahim
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Essay Topic 1

Mattie abandons her son in Chapter 1. Why does she abandon her son without protest?

Essay Topic 2

Mattie gets better food and clothing in the Big House. Why doesn't Mattie care about the food and clothes, and what would she prefer to have instead?

Essay Topic 3

Ann is the mistress of Fair Oaks in name only. What prevents Ann from being the true mistress of the plantation?

Essay Topic 4

Mattie is outraged when she learns that she will be separated from Elizabeth and have to care for the new baby. Why is Mattie outraged when is is separated from Elizabeth and given the new baby to care for?

Essay Topic 5

Emmanuel and Mattie struggle to have a relationship. What challenges make it difficult for them to have a relationship?

Essay Topic 6

Jonathan Wainwright thinks the slaves are better off in captivity. Why does Jonathan believe that his...

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