Yellow Crocus Character Descriptions

Laila Ibrahim
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This character is a field slave who is brought to be a wet nurse for her master's children. Subsequently, she develops strong relationships with her own family, as well as her master's children.

Lisbeth Wainwright

This character is a young girl who is nursed by a black slave woman and who comes to regard slaves as human beings worthy of respect.

Mattie’s Family

These characters are close even though they are separated by their master's whims.


This character gave her daughter a necklace of shells before she was sold away from her family.


This character nurses her friend's child when her friend has to go to the big house, and she is entrusted to give a memento to the master's daughter when her friend escapes the plantation.

Ann and Jonathan Wainwright

These characters are the master and mistress of Fair Oaks.

The Wainwright Family


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