Yellow Crocus Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Laila Ibrahim
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Section 1, Chapters 1 - 4

• Mattie, a slave and young mother, is taken from her infant son Samuel to be a wet nurse to the master’s child.

• She has to leave her son to be cared for by her grandfather and nursed by another slave woman.

• After Mrs. Ann gives birth to a baby she names Elizabeth, the child is given to Mattie to nurse.

• Mattie desperately wishes she could be nursing her son.

• Mrs. Gray, the housekeeper gives Mattie instructions to the household routine and the baby’s care.

• The nursery is a large room with many comforts; Mattie’s room is a small side room with little more than a bed.

• When Mattie looks out the window, she discovers that she can see the slave quarters and sees Samuel and Poppy.

• When Mrs. Gray tells Mattie to take Elizabeth to her mother at two o’clock, she...

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