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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following best describes the meat that Old Slewfoot's body produced?

2. Who is the only member of the Baxter family to kill one of the invading wolves?

3. Why does Lem Forrester throw Penny against the wall?

4. Why are the Baxter men called to hunt with the Forresters after they initially declined?

5. In September, why must Jody always keep the fawn near?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jody build the fence that protects the corn crops from Flag?

2. Why does Jody view stormy weather as a particularly nostalgic time of his life?

3. While hunting for the wolves, why do Penny and Lem get into a fight over a buck?

4. Why do Penny and Jody return to Mullet Prairie?

5. What happens to the Baxter family's crops during the seven-day storm?

6. After Flag dies, how does Jody plan to escape to Boston?

7. What happens to make the Baxter family realize that Old Slewfoot has returned?

8. How is Penny coping with his groin injury at the time of Flag's bad behavior?

9. What plan does Jody concoct to try to save Flag from being shot?

10. How does Jody know that Flag is maturing in the yearling phase of his life?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After Flag's death, Jody decides that running away from his family is the best option.

Part 1.) Describe Jody's plans to run away and how he will execute those plans.

Part 2.) Explain the emotions that Jody felt when he was running away and his motivations for wanting to leave his family behind.

Part 3.) Describe the lessons that Jody learned while he was on the run and what his conclusions about life with his family were.

Essay Topic 2

As the novel progresses, Jody's relationship to the animals in the woods changes. Define three different relationships that Jody has with animals in his woods and describe the ways that Jody's relationship with those animals changes as his character matures.

Essay Topic 3

The character of Twink plays an important role in adding conflict to the novel.

Part 1.) Describe Twink's character and explain why she was a desirable woman to the men in the novel.

Part 2.) Explain why Twink's character added conflict to the story and what the outcome of that conflict was.

Part 3.) Describe which man, either Oliver Hutto or Lem Forrester, would make a better husband for Twink and explain why.

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