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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Buck stuff into the bee hive to trick the bees out of it?

2. What does Fodder Wing feed to his dogs?

3. How are Penny and Jody greeted by the Forrester family?

4. Who is injured during the first hunt of Old Slewfoot?

5. Penny and Jody come across what animals swinging in a sapling tree?

Short Essay Questions

1. After living through the fistfight, what does Jody realize about Oliver Hutto?

2. How does Oliver react to hearing the news that Lem Forrester has claimed Twink as his sweetheart?

3. What does Jody realize when he visits Fodder Wing's collection of pets after Fodder Wing's death?

4. After Fodder Wing's death, what does Jody realize about nature?

5. Why does Penny shoot the doe while out searching for his missing hogs?

6. After the fistfight, what does Oliver ask of Jody, and what is Jody's response?

7. How is Jody injured during the fight between Oliver Hutto and the Forrester men?

8. What significant even happened when Jody Baxter was two years old?

9. What happens when the Forrester boys wake up, thinking that they hear a "varmint" scratching around their mother's bedpost?

10. What happens when Jody goes swimming at Grandma Hutto's house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The character of Twink plays an important role in adding conflict to the novel.

Part 1.) Describe Twink's character and explain why she was a desirable woman to the men in the novel.

Part 2.) Explain why Twink's character added conflict to the story and what the outcome of that conflict was.

Part 3.) Describe which man, either Oliver Hutto or Lem Forrester, would make a better husband for Twink and explain why.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the first half of the novel, Penny Baxter is presented as an almost invincible man in his son's eyes. Explain why Jody has such high esteem for his father. Then, choose two examples of moments when Jody's faith in his father's ability begins to fade. Finally, explain how Jody's view of his father's strength has changed by the end of the novel.

Essay Topic 3

In the middle of the novel, there is a flood that overtakes the Baxter's land.

Part 1.) Describe the effects that the flood had on the land surrounding the Baxter's farm.

Part 2.) Describe the ways that the Baxter family was directly affected by the flood's damages.

Part 3.) Explain how the Baxter family survived in the months following the flood's damages.

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