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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what time must Jody finish all of his chores before he is allowed to visit Fodder Wing?
(a) 5 p.m.
(b) 9 a.m.
(c) Noon.
(d) 3 p.m.

2. When Oliver gets into a fight, how many of the Forrester men does he fight at once?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) One.
(d) Four.

3. What does Jody give to Doc in exchange for healing his father?
(a) The gun traded from the Forresters.
(b) His new hunting knife.
(c) The baby fawn.
(d) His coonskin knapsack.

4. After the bee hunt, who kills Old Slewfoot?
(a) Jody.
(b) Ma.
(c) Penny.
(d) Buck Forrester.

5. What does Lem Forrester trade to Penny in exchange for the fiest?
(a) An animal pelt.
(b) A sack of food.
(c) A gun.
(d) Bullets.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't the Baxter family own a well?

2. Who is with Jody when he thinks he sees the helmeted Spaniard?

3. What part of Old Slewfoot's body is offered to Buck Forrester to take home to his ailing family member?

4. As Jody watches the animal with its young, what does he realize about nature?

5. When Jody realizes that a bear or raccoon may not be a good option for a pet, what does he ask his mother for instead?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Penny and Jody return to Mullet Prairie?

2. While hunting for the wolves, why do Penny and Lem get into a fight over a buck?

3. After the fistfight, what does Oliver ask of Jody, and what is Jody's response?

4. How is Penny injured while he is trying to uproot a tree trunk?

5. Why doesn't Penny want to hunt the wolves with the Forrester family?

6. What reaction does Jody have when Old Slewfoot kills the Baxter family's pregnant sow?

7. What happens when Jody eats half-ripe berries from the woods?

8. How is Julia injured by Old Slewfoot?

9. What are Jody's final thoughts at the close of the novel?

10. Why are all the animals in the woods dying, and what does Jody fear in this realization?

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