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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character says, "It grieves me..." to see that Jody is growing up so fast?
(a) Lem Forrester.
(b) Buck Forester.
(c) Penny Baxter.
(d) Ma Baxter.

2. How many days does it take Jody to build the fence?
(a) Six days.
(b) Thirty days.
(c) Twenty-one days.
(d) Twelve days.

3. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as covering the ground in the woods?
(a) Ankle-deep water.
(b) Dead animal carcasses.
(c) Picket fence posts from neighboring houses.
(d) Bent and broken trees.

4. What part of his body does Penny strain while attempting to uproot a tree stump?
(a) His groin.
(b) His shoulder.
(c) His back.
(d) His neck.

5. Why don't Penny and Jody follow Old Slewfoot when they see him crossing the river?
(a) Because Jody can't swim.
(b) Because their dog won't go in the water.
(c) Because Penny can't swim.
(d) Because the water is too cold for them to survive the crossing.

6. What is Jody afraid of when he sees that the corn he planted is beginning to germinate?
(a) That Flag will eat the new crop.
(b) That the Forresters will come and steal the newly planted corn.
(c) That another animal will eat the new crop, and Ma will accuse Flag.
(d) That the corn will not take and will therefore be a loss.

7. As Flag ages, what crop does he trample on the Baxter farm, meaning that there will be no cash for that crop this year?
(a) Cabbage.
(b) Tobacco.
(c) Strawberry.
(d) Spinach.

8. Why was Penny forced into bed for three days following the return of Old Slewfoot?
(a) He accidentally shot his own leg.
(b) He was bitten by the bear.
(c) He caught the plague.
(d) He had a fever.

9. After Flag breaks into the crops again, what does Penny ask Jody to do with the yearling?
(a) Hide him from Ma.
(b) Sell him.
(c) Release him into the wild.
(d) Shoot him.

10. During a fight, what does Ma Baxter state that Penny's heart is made of?
(a) Lard.
(b) Stone.
(c) Glass.
(d) Butter.

11. What strange item does Jody attempt to eat to fend off his starvation?
(a) Mushrooms.
(b) Sticks.
(c) Grass.
(d) Moss.

12. Where does the Baxter family plan to spend their Christmas holidays?
(a) At the church.
(b) At Grandma Hutto house.
(c) On their own farm.
(d) At the Forrester house.

13. Why have the Forrester brothers traveled to Kentucky at the time Flag reaches his fate?
(a) To sell the bear cubs.
(b) To play cards.
(c) To start working a new farm.
(d) To trade horses.

14. When Jody is forced to pen Flag, what does he use to construct the cage?
(a) Old fences.
(b) Old siding from the cabin.
(c) Old tree limbs.
(d) Old railroad tracks.

15. When Penny and Jody finally arrive at Grandma Hutto's home, which of the following adjectives best describes the conversation between Ma Baxter and Grandma Hutto?
(a) Intense.
(b) Infuriating.
(c) Illogical.
(d) Icy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jody hope to sell Flag to keep him away from his father's gun?

2. At the end of the novel, what does Jody realize is the only thing that can bring him comfort?

3. When the storm arrives, how many days does it last?

4. Who is Nellie Ginright?

5. How many species of animals were the Baxters able to find that had been spared from the plague?

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