The Yearling Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How do each of Jody's parents react to the fact that he has been rambling in the woods all morning rather than doing his chores?

When Jody returns from the woods, his father says that it is perfectly natural for a young boy to ramble in the woods during the spring, but warns Jody that his mother might not be so understanding. When Jody teases his mother, however, he is rewarded with a rare laugh and sees that his mother is in a good mood for the day.

2. What significant even happened when Jody Baxter was two years old?

When Jody was two, his father went away to fight in the war. The family believed that Penny would be gone for only a few months, but he ended up staying way for four years. While Penny was gone, Jody and his mother stayed with his Grandma Hutto.

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