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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jody sees Oliver to say goodbye, what does Oliver ask Jody to do for him?
(a) Pick up his medicine from the doctor's office.
(b) Punch Lem Forrester the next time he sees him.
(c) Pray for his healing wounds.
(d) Deliver a message to Twink.

2. What object is used to play the game "Mumbledepeg"?
(a) A wooden stake.
(b) A metal hammer.
(c) A loaded gun.
(d) A jackknife.

3. What vegetable is Jody hoeing on the day that he wants to visit Fodder Wing with his new fawn?
(a) Sweet potatoes.
(b) Radishes.
(c) Beans.
(d) Turnips.

4. Why are the Baxter men called to hunt with the Forresters after they initially declined?
(a) Because the wolves retaliated and killed one of the Forrester men.
(b) Because the Forresters weren't able to build traps that could contain the wolves.
(c) Because the poisoning didn't kill all of the wolves.
(d) Because the wolves are growing in numbers.

5. What does Fodder Wing feed to his dogs?
(a) Smaller animals.
(b) Dog food.
(c) He doesn't feed them.
(d) Table scraps.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his father's attack, what chore does Jody complete on his own for the first time in his life?

2. What does Penny say about Jody after the fistfight?

3. Who is the only person that the Forrester men feel comfortable sharing their grief with?

4. Who gives Jody a round box for his gunpowder for Christmas?

5. When Jody leaves to visit Fodder Wing, he is warned that what animal is in its mating season?

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