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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does Penny borrow a mare to travel home?
(a) Grandma Hutto.
(b) Twink Weatherby.
(c) Lem Forrester.
(d) Mr. Boyle.

2. Who does Oliver leave the dinner table to visit, infuriating Jody?
(a) Lem Forrester.
(b) Mr. Boyles.
(c) Fodder Wing.
(d) Twink.

3. After his father's attack, what chore does Jody complete on his own for the first time in his life?
(a) Feeding the horses.
(b) Bailing the hay.
(c) Milking the cows.
(d) Plowing the fields.

4. What is Buck Forrester's response to his brother's accusation of Penny Baxter?
(a) He believes that both men are lying.
(b) He believes that Penny is telling the truth.
(c) He believes that both men are telling their own truths.
(d) He believes his brother is telling the truth.

5. How does Jody express himself when he tells his father about his insights into nature?
(a) He finds that his father is not interested in what he has to say.
(b) He has no interest in telling his father what he thinks about nature.
(c) He finds that he is able to express himself eloquently.
(d) He finds that he cannot properly express himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT used as a description of Oliver Hutto?

2. On the ferry ride across the river, what does Jody think about?

3. While searching the woods, what animal do the men discover has migrated north?

4. What animal comes sniffing around the camp where the men sleep, enticed by the smell of cooking meat?

5. How many wolves invade the Baxter family farm?

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