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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Christmas, to what does Jody compare the members of the Hutto family?
(a) Soldiers fighting a far away war.
(b) International spies.
(c) Characters in a fairy tale.
(d) Baby birds that were taken too soon from their mother.

2. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as covering the ground in the woods?
(a) Ankle-deep water.
(b) Bent and broken trees.
(c) Dead animal carcasses.
(d) Picket fence posts from neighboring houses.

3. Which of the following instruments is NOT present in the Forrester family's late night jam session?
(a) A whiskey jug.
(b) A fiddle.
(c) A piano.
(d) A guitar.

4. When Penny and Jody finally arrive at Grandma Hutto's home, which of the following adjectives best describes the conversation between Ma Baxter and Grandma Hutto?
(a) Illogical.
(b) Intense.
(c) Icy.
(d) Infuriating.

5. While searching the woods, what animal do the men discover has migrated north?
(a) The deer.
(b) The panthers.
(c) The squirrels.
(d) The bears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jody promise to feed the fawn if he is allowed to take it home?

2. After Christmas, what is Jody's main winter chore?

3. On the ferry ride across the river, what does Jody think about?

4. When Oliver gets into a fight, how many of the Forrester men does he fight at once?

5. Which character says that they would like a chance to "whup that bear"?

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