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The Yearling, Flag

This is used as a symbol to parallel Jody's own development and must be slain at the end of the novel.

The Bear, Old Slewfoot

This is used as a symbol to represent the persistent and superior forces of nature, embodying its wild force and is the main enemy hunted throughout the novel.

The Sink Hole

This is where the Baxter family receives all their water, including drinking, cooking, washing and that for hydrating the animals.


This is the location of Grandma Hutto's home and the site of Boyles' store where the Baxters are able to get the finer things in life, such as fabric, needles and thread.

Baxter Island

This is a clearing in the middle of the scrub country where Penny has made a homestead and raises his family.

Forrester Island

This is a clearing in the wilderness, providing a secure space...

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