The Yearling Character Descriptions

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Jody Baxter - This character is a twelve-year old who longs for a pet through the first half of the novel.

Ezra (Penny) Baxter - This character is a skilled hunter and farmer with a reputation for being honest who believes in a balance between man and animals.

Ora (Ma) Baxter - This character is large, enjoys sewing and baking, knows the daily grind of life in the back country, and rarely smiles or shows affection.

Buck Forrester - This character is the only one in his family known for level-headedness and civility. This character maintains a cordial and mutually helpful relationship with the neighbors until one certain incident that scares the entire town at a Christmas party.

Lem Forrester - This character is described as a cantankerous giant, looking for a fight at every turn. This character torments animals and assumes that people are dishonest.


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