Daily Lessons for Teaching Year of Wonders

Geraldine Brooks
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Lesson 1 (from Apple Picking Season)


Apple Picking Season

The objective of this lesson is to focus on exposition: time, place, characters, and conflict. By examining and orienting the students firmly in the exposition, the students will be better prepared to continue the novel with enhanced comprehension.


1) Class Discussion - Have a class discussion about the setting of the novel. First address what an exposition is, and its function in literature. Make sure the students clearly understand what an exposition is. Then begin the following questions: Who is the main character; who are some of the secondary characters introduced in the chapter; what time of year is it; what clues do we have as to what year it is; what happened in the village, i.e., what is the foreseeable conflict in the novel?

2) Group Activity - Give the students a sheet with all the characters names, with ample room for...

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