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Short Answer Questions

1. After the Japanese leave, who supposedly will take care of the Koreans?

2. While searching for Mother, why does Sookan try to stay awake at night?

3. In the Worker's Paradise, what must each person do every night?

4. Who gives Sookan's family payment for the guide?

5. Who drives Sookan and Inchun from the guardhouse to the train staion?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Sookan watches out for Inchun overnight in the barn.

2. What does the guide tell the children to do if their mother is captured? What do they actually do?

3. How does the old man in the train station approach Sookan and Inchun?

4. Who helps Sookan and Inchun when they get across the border? How?

5. Do you think that Korea is better off with the Russians than the Japanese?

6. Why are the school children encouraged to talk about their home life?

7. At the end of the book, what has happened to Kisa and Aunt Tiger?

8. After losing Mother at the guard station, who do Sookan and Inchun help in the market?

9. How does the conductor help Sookan and Inchun?

10. After the Russians invade northern Korea, where is father and what is he doing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Sookan's education within the novel, mentioning:

1) Japanese school

2) Little Proletariat School

3) Grandfather's home lessons

4) Sookan's school in Seoul.

Essay Topic 2

Explore and discuss the various forms of enslavement within the text, perhaps mentioning:

A) Spirit Girls

B) Labor camps

C) Child labor

Essay Topic 3

Explain Sookan and Inchun's journey from Pyongyang to Seoul and the dangers therein.

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